Spurs v Liverpool | Live fans match thread!

During our last match we saw signs of improvement in attack and midfield but also further cause for concern in defence. The good news is both Matip and Henderson took part in full training yesterday so will hopefully be available as we return to the Premier League title chase.

This time we travel to the imaginatively named, Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, to face Mourinho's miserable men in a game which is sure to be full of dirty tactics a tricky encounter. As fans our recent thoughts have been anxious ones as we deliberate over our poor form as well as the ongoing, should we, shouldn't we, be signing defensive reinforcements question.

The odds of us defending our league title have certainly decreased but come match days all we can do is take each one at a time and support our team in good spirit and full voice. Our players and manager will give it their all and with luck results will begin to go our way.

So, we go again. How best to go again against Spurs though?

Slightly predictable but this seems to be about our strongest line-up. I am worried that Robertson is playing lots of minutes and now Kostas is back he could be rested but can we afford to risk a drop in quality in this match? Other considerations are Shaqiri, Minamino and Oxlade.

Although I'd like to see Minamino being used soon the fact is Klopp dropped him while he was hot and for all we know he might since have gone cold which means it could be a roll of the dice to start him. Ox: sorry but I basically discount him for anything now, other than occasional impact usage.

I would like to see Shaqiri's recent good performance levels rewarded with continuity but in this match where Spurs are likely to come out the blocks fast, I feel the Hendo, Gini, Thiago midfield gives us a better chance to soak that pressure up. We could bring Shaqiri on later as a very good bench option.

Almost certainly Klopp will field a line-up no one sees coming, as is his tendency in the big fixtures. Here are his pre-match thoughts.

This is certainly an exciting fixture to look forward to. How do you feel we should approach it. Are you confident Mo and Co will carry on their mini resurgence and net us a win. Or is it more likely Moaniho's minions will be a right menace to our defence and help Spurs slip past us?

Liver Bird's Scorecast: Spurs won't be Harry Claiming our perch, 0-4!


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