Spurs 1-3 Liverpool | Back in the game!

Well that was more like it and our first Premier League victory of 2021 was made all the sweeter by it being against a fellow title contender. It was also an enjoyable game to watch with further pleasing improvement in our attack. Defence, not so much. Although Trent looked much better.

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A goal and an assist for Trent was just what the doctor ordered and his all round game was far closer to the quality we know he has. Mane and Firmino were also in fine form, between them taking care of our other two goals and assists. Salah saw a nicely struck shot ruled no goal due to handball.

None too shabby from our attack then, add Milnero, Gini and Thiago to the same category as all three bossed the game and things were looking peachy. If not a little bloody.

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Henderson did his best at centre-back but if Kane wasn't withdrawn at half time things could have been different as he was certainly giving Hendo a lot to think about down our left. And this leads me on to what remains by far the most troublesome of our issues. Defence.

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The first point I'd like to make is that when fit Matip is a fantastic player. Right up there with the best on the planet. He also seems a thoroughly decent chap and his attitude has never been in question. All of which makes the fact he's so easily injured such a crying shame.

However, that last part is a fact and has been for a frustratingly long time. I apologise for keep beating the same drum but we all knew it was a big risk to let Lovren go and not replace him when both Matip and to a fair degree Gomez as well are both so injury prone.

Even for those who didn't think that was ridiculous, surely all are in agreement since Van Dijk was injured and we've been forced to play half a season using midfielders in defence. To add insult to injury Fabinho is injured and as of last night, quelle surprise, so is Matip. Again.

And to underline all of that, we're in a transfer window but seemingly refuse to sign anyone.

As you'd expect in Klopp's post match interview he was asked if the need for a new centre-back was even greater now and if we'd be thinking about it. He replied saying we have thought about it the entire window but..... 'it has to be the right player'.

Is it just me or is anyone else getting bored of hearing that? Don't get me wrong, in many circumstances it's perfectly logical but when you're trying to win a league with what amounts to no senior centre-backs at all, it wears a bit thin. Even typing that out it sounds too stupid to be true.

While we have to make the best of the players we do have and that is certainly what we do - our support never wavers, I think we have every right to feel aggrieved regards our ongoing attempt to play this season with barely half a team.

After last night's great result we've put ourselves back in with a reasonable shot at the title.

We have until 11pm on Monday to give that chance a massive boost by signing a defender.

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