Southampton vs Liverpool l Live fans match thread!

2021 is here and we at the Nest wish each and everyone of you happy New Year and hope this year LFC bring us more silverware and may you and your family have good health and well-being.

Let's hope 2021 also brings new passion and grit to our players, something that's been absent of late but have we been harsh in expecting the same level of performance we've grown accustom to over the last three years? Considering not only LFC's current circumstances but the world's. 

I think we need to take into account the mental strain on the players at the moment as most are living away from their families during a world pandemic and then on top of that we have lost half our first team this season which has put extra pressure on those that are fit.

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At one stage we were seven first team players down and we currently have zero senior CB's, with all this in mind we still sit top of the ladder and are slowly getting some key players back. So let's stay positive and with the returning players hopefully staying fit, the winning onslaught can begin.

However with Matip suffering yet another injury of varying estimated length, from three to four months to three weeks, surely Klopp and Co have to bring in a new senior centre-back this January.

We're heavily linked with 20 year old Dutch CB Sven Botman who only made the move to Lille five months ago. But due to Lille's current financial problems a new move is building momentum and Botman could be at Anfield within the next month for a reported fee of £27m. Although his current market value is only around £10m.

This rumour has been given some teeth by Lille's current captain Fonte, via a comment on twitter. When responding to "@f6nte might be losing another CB partner to the Premier League", he replied with "Another one... Always happy to help".

Let's move on to the Saints who after starting the season red hot are in a form slump. In their last five matches they've only managed one win (3-0 over Sheffield United), three draws and a loss. Their two more recent games against Fulham and West Ham ended goalless draws. Therefore it appears like us they've lost their goal scoring threat but which team will rediscover their's in this match?

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In positive news Thiago made a cameo appearance against Newcastle which immediately changed our rhythm and flow for the better. We also have the likes of Ox, Shaq and Taki raring to inject some creativity into our matches. With this in mind how should Klopp set the team up for this fixture, a more attacking line up, or play it safe and boring like our last few games?

The team sheet I would like to see is as follows:

Alisson, TAA, Robbo, Fab, Phillips, Hendo, Thiago, Ox, Mane, Taki, Shaq (I don't think this will ever happen but would be my preferred set up in a 4-2-3-1).

Kelleher, Milner, Gini, Jones, Rhys, Bobby, Salah

Here is what Klopp had to say pre-match,

and Liver Bird's Scorecast for this one: we start the New Year as we mean to go on...... 0-4!


Prediction League
Name our starting midfield (5 points)
Will we score more than one goal? (5 points)
When will Klopp make our first sub? (+/-10 mins) 5 points
Get all three right for a further 15 points!
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