Liverpool v United | This means more

Not since the 2008/09 season have Liverpool and Manchester United been in a bona fide title race so this is something to saviour and as much as it's painful to see United top of the league, and we must rectify that, I'd rather we duke it out with our old rivals than the likes of City.

Our club and Utd's have fantastic histories and of course a fantastic rivalry. These are the games we dream of. For it to be a battle for the top only adds to the enjoyment..... and nerves.

It will be nice to put life's woes to one side and enjoy this match. That's really what football is all about and to share the enjoyment with friends.

The match itself is sure to be a hard fought affair and it's hard to imagine there not being contentious decisions and drama. Come the final whistle though will we have reclaimed our perch or will those pesky red devils have turned the heat up further?

Selection wise, we have decisions to make centring around our defence. With Matip's inclusion highly doubtful should we use Henderson at centre-back? What do we then do with midfield. Surely in attack we'd expect to see our terrific trio but the worry is they haven't been that terrific of late.

Just a hunch: Klopp might be sandbagging regards Matip....

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has his own decisions to make which as far as I can tell are basically should he start Paul Pogba or not. I kind of hope he doesn't as Pogba can be a class player and Utd have other threats such as Fernandes.

Sadly Keita is still out for us and overall I'm just thankful we have such a good manager because I've zero clue as to how we should approach this game. Our recent form makes it very hard to back a particular line-up or formation but we can back Klopp to find a winning formula.

Here are his thoughts ahead of the game.

And please let us know in the comments how you feel about our chances. Plus who you think we should field, and where, to give us our best shot at victory.

My overall pre-match thoughts are we keep in mind our core values, to believe, to provide a twelfth player through our shared support - singing loud and proud as we go. We must be thankful we have the chance to witness such great occasions and we should be sure to enjoy them. And we will.

Liver Bird's Scorecast: LET'S GO REDS! 4-0


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