Liverpool v Burnley | Live fans match thread!

Since beating Crystal Palace seven nil, our form has slumped resulting in three draws and a loss. To make matters worse we've seen a reversal of early season with the teams around us now winning their matches whilst we struggle.

This fixture however marks only the halfway stage of the season so all is far from lost. We're still in the Champions League and FA Cup so have plenty to play for but as fans I believe every single one of us would prioritise defending our title over everything else.

For that to happen we need urgent improvement. We don't necessarily need to move directly to top gear but we do need to do enough to start winning games and show we're at least on the right path. So what exactly needs fixing? In my view it's our attack.

During Klopp's pre-match press conference he was asked about this and replied that a lack of goals is down to the entire team but in this instance I disagree.

The fact is we're defending okay, while having a good amount of possession in games, as well as chances created and shots. We're simply failing to convert them into goals and that's not our defence's fault, or our midfield's, it's Salah, Mane and Firmino's.

Klopp said in his presser that none of our players are fatigued so there's no excuse to be found there and he also said other teams haven't figured out how to stop us, which I do agree with. As Klopp says, teams have always known what we will do - play the game of football as well as possible.

It's not rocket surgery, all teams score via wide attacks, link up play, through balls, balls over the top etc and we do too, when we're playing well. Teams can know our intent but still can't stop us. That's what we need to get back to but with Jota still out for a few weeks do we have the players to do it?

One thing which irked me in Jurgen's interview, is when asked about Shaqiri he rightly praised him as well as Thiago and said they'll be even better with more games, as players need continuity. Shaq was very good and as can be seen above Thiago is certainly worthy of staying in the starting eleven.

If that's Klopp's logic though why the heck did he halt Minamino's good run? Especially with Mo and Co badly misfiring. Answers on a postcard please.

For this game, as Klopp's stubbornly sticking with 4-3-3, it's pointless fantasising about 4-2-3-1's and the four nil victories they'd surely bring. Instead let's consider the best 4-3-3 we can play. Here's mine.

All of Mane, Mo and Bobby Firmino have been very naughty boys. If we had someone better than Origi I'd have sent all three to their bedrooms to have a good think about what they've done. Out of the three though, Salah is still my pick for our best striker.

But that's it, I don't want to see the others anywhere near the pitch. We pay Alex-Wildebeest a large fortune so let's use him and if he breaks, so be it. Same for Shaqiri.

Thiago is a must, Minamino deserves the chance to show he's better than attackers who've failed to score for three games on the trot and with Matip hopefully back, Henderson has to play in midfield.

Liver Bird's Scorecast: Starting Ox, Shaq and Matip, every minute they remain uninjured, Burnley will be incapacitated with amazement, then we simply run around them and score four goals to their nil.


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How many will we score in the 1st half? (5 points)
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Will we keep a clean sheet? (5 points)
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