Liverpool 0-1 Burnley | Lack of booms lead to doom and gloom | FSG to blame?

After failing to stop the rot last night I propose we look at things from a different angle than player blame. While there were several poor performances I don't think it's fair or right to blame players like Alexander-Arnold who helped us end our thirty year wait.

I've been mulling over our poor form and while it's true many of our players aren't performing at their best, this is something which happens and cannot be avoided. On yesterday's match thread Liver Bird Spotting asked me if Gerrard went through barren spells and the answer is yes.

All players, including the very best, have periods where they struggle. I feel we've failed to prepare for such an occurrence. Using Trent as the example, he's clearly gone off the boil and after affording him a few games to play out of it, the normal thing to do would be to take some pressure off by fielding someone else. WE DON'T HAVE ANYONE ELSE.

We have makeshift Milner. A fantastic utility player and solid in most positions but not spectacular and used at right-back we gain nothing in attack versus even an out of form TAA.

That exact same phenomenon is true all over the pitch: change the names but same outcome. Our first choices get injured or have a bad patch and our only option is to insert a square peg into a round hole. Or play one of our youth players who clearly aren't good enough yet.

How have we got to this point? A point where we've been needing to play two of our best midfielders as centre-backs, have literally one senior, experienced, right-back. No proper strikers at all (you can count Origi if you like) and in Matip, Keita, Ox and Shaq, four perennial sick notes.

This hasn't snuck up on us, it's been present and easily identifiable for seasons. The problem is instead of reacting to it by culling dead wood and bringing in quality replacements, we've done the following.

We finished last season on a massive high but then failed abysmally to cement our place at the top. I cannot believe that FSG as obviously talented businessmen don't understand the principal of speculate to accumulate.

How on earth did they, and Klopp, think selling Lovren and not replacing him was a good idea. Feel maybe Naby would become a robust player and not realise the odds of Van Dijk picking up a serious injury were increasing all the time to the point it was a probability.

The evidence was there for a lot of last season that Salah, Firmino and Mane were often not able to provide us more than a one goal victory and what did we do to address that. Sure we signed Jota but how many decent attacking wingers do we have? How many full backs?

What about midfield, we've never replaced Coutinho and you may as well forget about Ox. Frankly it's an insult to our intelligence to list him as a squad player. Same for Keita.

Finally we have the ages of our squad. Many of our players are long in the tooth (in football terms) and so we added 29 year old Thiago who as Romper quickly identified doesn't have the most compelling injury record.

No excuses of Covid curtailed revenues either because every other team in the entire league manages to sign more players than we do.

That's all I've got for this one. We'll dust ourselves down and go again against Utd but for now I'm too annoyed to write anything else.

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