Liverpool 0-0 Penchester United | What went wrong?

Well that was not what we wanted, not at all. A draw isn't horrendous in itself but now for three games on the bounce a more serious issue remains - we cannot score a goal. The question is why?

The answer, I have no idea. So that's this article wrapped up and we look forward to the Burnley game.

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Okay, okay, we will try and figure out what went wrong. The first thing to rule out is any favouritism from the officials. We were only penalised the 15 times and given 2 yellow cards which was quite close to Utd's 0 cards and 6 fouls.

Now that we've established it was a level playing field, apart from when the ref stopped the first half before it had finished just as we were in on goal, we have to consider what other factors may have been at play.

If we start from the back we can rule out the easy stuff first. Was Alisson at fault? No, he played well and if it wasn't for at least three very good saves we'd have lost.

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Was it our defence's fault? No. Fabinho and Henderson played very well. Better even than can reasonably be expected from midfielders used as centre-backs. Robbo and Trent did their jobs defensively as well and we kept a clean sheet as a result.

Could it be our midfield who were responsible? Negative. We had 66% possession and 17 shots versus Utd's 8. Add the clean sheet and you cannot say our midfield did anything wrong. They helped us have more of the ball, more shots and did their job defensively.

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Now we reach the meat and potaaaateoooos. That is the way I say it, you're free to call them tomatoes. Either way there are three of them and they can't hit a cow's backside with a banjo.

Yes, we're talking Mane, Mo and Bobby Firmino. Totally useless. After the match I was scratching my head about went wrong but that's just overcomplicating things when the bleeding obvious is staring us in the face. Of our 17 shots just 3 of them were on target and 0 went in.

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Mane was okay in patches but far from his best, Bobby and Salah the same. Our attackers are simply not playing well enough and short of swapping them in the January sales for three new ones I don't know what we can do about it.

Sure we can bench one of them for Minamino or maybe Shaqiri who has looked quite good and deserves more game time - just like Minamino did a while ago but how do we account for all three of our attack being so poor and over such a prolonged period?

Not long till we meet Utd again in the FA Cup so ideas in the comments section please as to what we can change to beat them. I'll get us started...... 4-2-3-1!

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