Good news in race to sign Upamecano!

The jury is still out on whether we'll sign a new defender this January. Most fans are of the opinion we should but Klopp's recent words about balancing our finances seem to hint towards us not doing.

In fact with today bringing news 17 year old centre back, Sepp van den Berg, is poised to head out on loan, if anything it looks like we'll finish the transfer window with a net loss in defence!

However, there's also some good news. A very small glimmer of light which comes from Leipzig CEO Oliver Mintzlaff who had the following to say regards selling their players.

“We have a very broad squad in terms of quality. So we will give up high performers again if it makes financial sense and we can absorb it in a sporting way,”

“When I think of Werner, Cunha, Keïta or Demme, we have already redeemed a lot and still developed further in terms of sport. Overall we have invested a lot in our team, no question about it.

“But look: the current squad had a market value of less than 250 million when each player debuted. And if we now take the current market value, we are around 550 million.

“This plus of over 300 million has to be taken into account when talking about investments. We create value with our way.“

This confirms what we already knew about RB Leipzig: they're structured as a selling club whose focus is to bring players on, increasing their value as they go, before selling them for a profit.

As Mintzlaff highlights, they're very good at it and have not changed that focus. This is potentially great news for us because it means Upamecano is almost certainly for sale..... at the right price. And at the right time. Could that be this January?....

Well all the stars would have to align, particularly in terms of the amount we'd be prepared to pay. Surely a winter premium would be attached and considering Klopp's words, it's unlikely we'll stump up the sort of readies required.

Stranger things have happened at sea though and perhaps FSG will agree we're in desperate need of a new central defender and that it makes sense for our club to speculate to accumulate.

While we await further developments here's some footage of Upamecano to help us decide if he's the right man for the job. Apparently we're in a race with Utd to sign him but then the up-loader also believes Maguire is good so we should take that with a pinch of salt.

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