Season's Greetings!

Article by Case & Romper

As we approach the festive season we at the Liver Bird Nest would like to take a moment to reflect on a very unusual 2020, as we say thank you to all that contribute and make our community a family. It doesn't matter whether you are a frequent visitor or just the occasional poster it is deeply appreciated and what gives us our homely feel.

It's been a rough year for a lot of folks for various reasons but we always had each other to talk to. Even if only for the smallest amount of time we've been able to feel some sort of escapism from reality as we chewed the fat and watched our beloved Reds reclaim the top of the tree.


A big end of year thanks to all. Not least Romper who has kept the Nest afloat through troubled waters and does far more work here than he likes to take credit for. Liver Bird Spotting, Joe and others too. In fact the same applies to all our posters, those who drop in for match days and faces of old who it's been really good to see return.

We have a few ideas to hopefully attract posters as we go but already have a great little community which it's a pleasure to be part of. As far as 2020, what a year. Perhaps every generation has it's big event and this is ours.

Fortunately as Liverpool fans we also had a very large thirty year winning event just recently and are continuing along well this season. Hopefully the Nest provides a nice place to enjoy these things with fellow Reds and in turn some rest-bite and escapism from life's woes.

Love and best wishes to everyone, past and present, as well as those who we miss above x


I would like to personally take this time to thank Case for his efforts behind the scenes in putting the finer touches on articles and all the technical jargon that is needed to keep this site running. They say it doesn't matter if you polish a turd it's still a turd, but I disagree because you have taken some of my  articles and turned them almost into Pulitzer prize winners.

I'd also like to shout out to all the posters for their support and kind words, although not needed as it is a joy to write articles when time permits but your words are truly appreciated. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and hope the New Year brings us all a new found freedom as we move on from what was a rather "unique" year known as 2020.

May the future bring each and every one of you and your families good health, love and brighter times. Oh and LBS hurry up and become Prime Minister will you, there's a few of us that have some cracking ideas for your campaign platform, a lot of it revolves around drinking, football and fishing which will cover a large demographic of voters.

So as the year end draws near we take a moment to think of those that no longer bless us with their presence, whilst at the same time appreciate what we still have. For the Liverpool F.C. mantra is never more poignant than during times that make us think of friends, family and loved ones.....

You'll Never Walk Alone

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