Newcastle v Liverpool | Live fans match thread!

******MUST WIN GAME!!!******

With Utd breathing down our necks, just two points behind, this is clearly the most must win of must win games!

The question is, how will we go about it? Let's have a listen to Kloppo and see if we can find any clues.

So what I'm hearing is: No Thiago, no Milner, no Matip, no Keita - he has another muscle injury.

What are we left with then? This!

I posted the above line-up on our last thread as my solution for bus parking opposition. Everyone agreed I was right and it just remains to be seen if Jurgen will have the good sense to do likewise.

That's it, no reason to consider anything else. It's Newcastle, they suck, and we have zero excuse not to batter them. Liverbird's Scorecast: at least 0-6.


Prediction League
What formation will we start with? (5 points)
How many goals will we score in the first half? (5 points)
How many goals will we score in the second half? (5 points)
Get all three correct for a further 15 points!
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