Newcastle 0-0 Liverpool | It wasn't a must win game!

Well that was a bit of a damp squid - similar to a damp squib but less about fountain pens and more about fish. And now I've cleared that up, I shall set about examining what went wrong last night and follow with a cheery note on why we needn't worry and how Romper's now officially and old git.

With a measly 0-0 draw we've fallen further toward the dark side as Utd now sit just three points below us with a game in hand. The good news is we're still top of the table and our GD of +17 versus their +8 affords us a small margin of safety.

That doesn't excuse the fact last night we started with a rubbish line-up. I posted a perfectly good one which involved a 4-2-3-1 meaning we'd have four attackers on the pitch who would surely have managed to score a goal.

In predictable manor Jurgen ignored my fantastic formation and went with a 4-3-3, again. It was obvious from the start we'd probably struggle because we keep playing this formation and when it includes an underwhelming midfield we suck balls.

Last night the midfield comprised of Henderson, Milner and Jones and the obvious did happen. We were pedestrian, too polite, didn't have enough teeth and failed to boss the game as we should have.

What makes that even worse is we had Minamino, Thiago, Shaqiri and Oxlade Chamberlain all sat on the bench. Why?

When these players were unavailable Jones has proved to be a reasonably solid stand-in but he's not a world beater yet and sorry but nor is Milner.

Fielding both Milner and Jones is to use two 'solid stand-in' type players. It's not enough Jurgen, stop blooming doing it. There's no excuse because as I highlighted even if you didn't want to risk the likes of Thiago, you could have played a 4-2-3-1 to give us more oomph that way.

All of that said, we acknowledge that Jurgen is not a bad coach and probably knows what he's doing so we'll draw a line here and wait for him to make the necessary tweaks to get us back on track. It would be interesting to hear everyone's views on what those tweaks should be though.

Line drawn. We now look forward to 2021 which will hopefully be a far better year for all.

All that's left to do is for me to wish each and every one of you a very healthy and wealthy New Year, as well as us all wish Romps a very happy birthday and Joe a speedy recovery.

God bless all you beautiful mofos and god bless our sweet angel and all who are no longer with us x

Next year, we go again. And we ARE going to win the dog damn league.


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