Liverpool 4-0 Wolves | Back with a BOOM! but questions remain....

Wow, first thing to say is what a splendiferous match. My words won't do it justice. It was a special night which saw the return of fans to Anfield and boy oh boy did they do us proud. If you had only heard last night's match and then been asked to guess the attendance, you'd have gone with a figure of ten or twenty thousand plus. There were though just two thousand.

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We know how great our supporters are and once again the whole world has seen, and heard. Even Jurgen was overwhelmed by the experience. I'm certain our players were too but they thrived on the energy those two thousand brought, responding with a fantastic performance.

It was a perfect night for which I rate all our players, manager, and fans, an eleven. Rather than fill a whole page with superlatives though, I thought fresh from seeing such a great example of how good we can be with our present squad, we could look at which areas may still need to be strengthened.

Our recent spate of injuries forcing our hand selection wise may also have helped to inadvertently highlight just how much strength and depth we have right before a transfer window.

So, last night's match was top draw but have we seen enough to be sure of things in several key areas?

Goal Keeper

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Kelleher was once again extremely good but after just two matches are we happy to call him our second keeper for the rest of the season? Personally I'd say yes. I don't feel we need to rush out in January looking for another keeper. That would not be fair on either Kelleher or Adrian. Between those two and Alisson I think we're fine but do you agree?


Ah, defence, a very hot topic this season and for not the best of reasons. We all know the fate Van-Dijk suffered and although there has been some encouraging news suggesting he's ahead of schedule in his recovery, he's obviously still a long way of actually returning. Gomez the same.

So in the centre-back department we're left with Phillips, fairly good but perhaps limited in skill set, Rhys Williams, tremendous hair, good all round player but inexperienced which at times shows and could cost us. Plus Fabinho who does a superb job in defence but is then missed in midfield.

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Factoring in the following: VVD is 29, Matip is extremely injury prone, Gomez suffers more than his fair share of injuries, Phillips is unlikely to become world class and Rhys is but a youngster, I feel we should be on the lookout for a new first-eleven-ready centre back in the January window. Am I right?

Fullbacks, I think we're okay on. Robertson and Kostas on the left, Alexander Arnold and Neco Williams on the right. Neco has looked far steadier in the last couple of games and that's been enough for me to give him the benefit of the doubt and an extension to us trialling him there this season.


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We've quite a few midfielders and you'd be forgiven for believing us well catered for here. However when you group them by skill set and main positions a slightly different picture is revealed.

This is subjective but my take is as follows.

Defensive midfield: Henderson(30), Thiago(29), Fabinho(27), Wijnaldum(30).

Central midfield: Henderson, Thiago(29), Wijnaldum(30), Milner(34), Jones(19).

Attacking midfield: Oxlade-Chamberlain(27), Keita(25), Shaqiri(29).

Straight away there is one major stand out issue - our attacking midfielders are light in number and all of them are highly injury prone. In fact they're so injury prone it's almost a stretch to list them at all.

The next midfield issue is age related. It's generally recognised that the peak years for a midfielder are around 26 to 28, roughly. We only have two players within that range and one is Ox who's always injured. The other, Fabinho, also frequents the treatment room on a regular basis.

We could say Keita is close to his peak years but he's rarely fit either and then the rest of our midfield players are at the extremes of so old they're nearing the end of their career, and so young they've barely started and understandably lack experience.

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Case in point: Jones again played well and showed just how much potential he has but he also had us commenting that his decision making still needs further advancements.

For all of the above reasoning combined, I would very much welcome at least one midfield addition in January, although it may be prudent of us to begin future proofing by signing a few. All of this, as with other positions, is dependant on the right players being available. We shouldn't force the issue if they're not but we can certainly give our views in a should the possibility arise type of scenario.


Everything in attack is tickety boo! But please comment otherwise if you feel I'm overlooking something in this department.

Overall as we near the January transfer window, I'd love to hear people's views on where they feel we're at with our squad. Our current injury woes have given us some great insight into this subject but perhaps we still need a few games more to help us decide?

Next up is a midweek Champions League match against Midtjylland. As we've already qualified top of the group it's odds on Jurgen will rest some of our regular players so perhaps we'll get further chance to assess our squad depth then.

Some good and bad light bites to finish on

No further injuries yesterday, phew, and both Trent and Naby returned - brilliant.

VAR still sucks and appears to be dragging referees down with it. Clearly it's become ruinous and should now be fixed in a hurry.

The bottom line

Despite things conspiring against us, we've kept on believing and the wins have kept coming as a result. Yesterday was a proud day for us all and now we go again.

x YNWA x

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