Liverpool 2-1 Tottenham | Bobby Dazzles and five common misconceptions shattered

Morning, evening, afternoon all, what a damn fine result this was and I hope everyone's still enjoying it. Due to technical issues I missed the first half and early parts of the second but contrary to the match Mourinho watched, it looked to me like we dominated the game and finished worthy victors.

I felt it may be nice to explore some counter views to recent popular opinion. These are views I've held myself and other Nesters have largely been in agreement with. However as I watched last night, I couldn't help feel perhaps they need reassessing. We may have been too hasty. Let's find out.

As you scroll through, the eagle eyed among you may also spot a side theme.....

Commonly held view number one: Our midfield is not good enough.

This pertains to our most used midfield trio of Wijnaldum, Henderson and Jones. Jurgen hasn't been able to change it much due to injuries. So we've been left with three players who appeared to lack some cutting edge when it comes to breaking down packed defences. Well, you don't get much more of a defensive, boring, anti-footballing block than when you face a Mourinho team and sure enough last night was living proof. Yet our terrific midfield trio were more than a match for it.

Wijnaldum may not catch the eye but he's a defensive force, as well as a selfless ball winner and recycler. Henderson is similarly good defensively and can often be seen busting a gut to get back and help stop opposition attacks. He also adds plenty of forward focused play to the table.

Last but certainly not least, Jones is improving by the week and I'm happy to say now he does bring the panache required to break down buses.

I've bemoaned a lack of through balls to play our attackers in but last night even in the brief minutes I saw Jones did indeed play some very nice through balls as well as showing all round class in his touches and vision. I really look forward to seeing his name on the team sheet and am happy to also see Henderson and Gini's names alongside.

My mind has been changed, I feel this midfield is good enough now to beat any team in world football but do you agree?

Commonly held view number two: We need to buy a new centre back in January.

Last night's performance showed yet again just how good Rhys Williams is. If he can be that solid against a very good Spurs side who before yesterday topped the Premier League table then I would say he too is good enough to start against any opposition.

Fabinho also proved once more just how talented he is in defence and if we agree our midfield is more than capable without him then it really lessens the urgency to add to our back line. That said I haven't totally changed my mind on this one as Van Dijk isn't getting any younger, Matip is very unreliable and Gomez seems to pick up his fair share of injuries.

It may still be prudent to bring in someone like Upamecano if we're able to?

Commonly held view number three: Klopp messed up against Midtjylland.

I'm still not 100% convinced he did but do agree to a point. Everything is easy with hindsight and once we heard Jota had been injured it was hard not to feel Jurgen should have rested players more than he did. That said the evidence shows we've had horrendously bad luck with footballing injuries as well as Covid19 and yet we topped our Champions League group and now sit atop the Premier League table. In addition we have Keita, Ox, Alisson and Matip all back fit.

I don't think there was anything to suggest Jota in particular needed a rest and most of our outstanding injuries are resultant from shocking challenges by Everton players. That's certainly not Klopp's fault. What he can take some blame for is sticking with players like Matip and Ox knowing how frequently they're injured. Again that can be countered by saying Klopp manages to make it all work. Keeping everyone happy and us winning matches as he goes.

Commonly held view number four: Klopp doesn't make substitutions early enough.

I disagree. Last night I tuned in to a game we were dominating. Tottenham were barely managing to get out of their own half and our midfield were doing a great job of keeping them pinned there. Jurgen had a game plan which was working but people were yelling for him to bring on Ox or Naby.

That would have made our midfield less robust and allowed Spurs to play through it and get at our goal more. Sometimes I think we, and I very much include myself, need to keep faith that our Gaffa knows what he's doing. That is hard in the heat of battle though and I understand frustration was building from our steady possession not bearing fruit for much of the game.

Commonly held view number five: Firmino is not a naturally good enough goal scorer.

Now what sort of a doofus would say something like that, umm, guilty as charged your honour but at least I didn't say it moments before he won the game for us..... Oops :-)

This is a topic which has been the source of much debate and deliberation. Mostly during matches when we're struggling to score so I thought it would be nice, as well as right, to finish this article by paying homage to our Bobby Dazzler. Last night's performance reminded us he does a whole lot of good and important match winning work and Jurgen is correct to maintain so much faith in him.

You'll have spotted my trail of statistical breadcrumbs showing just how epic Firmino was last night and personally I'm going to use the opportunity to recalibrate and get back to showing the full appreciation he's due. He may not always score the chances he gets where more traditional type strikers perhaps would but he easily makes up for that and far exceeds the capabilities of those traditional number nines with his all round play. That all round play is vital to us winning.

All in all, last night we had a superb result which reminded us that our lads, manager, team and squad are all part of a finely working plan - next to be deployed at Selhurst Park on Saturday.....

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