Liverpool 1-1 West Brom | 72 hours to solve the puzzle

In this match we saw the continuance of a now familiar pattern as Sam Allardyce proved anything Mourniho can do, he can do better. Yep, we might have seen another bus coming, or two even but try as we might we were unable to do anything about it.

West Brom played a Bus-Bus-1 formation and the crux of this article is the following notion: Jurgen Klopp must do more to find a successful way of beating such line-ups.

It's true that this season has been a topsy turvy one and will likely continue to be but we simply have to start taking maximum points in games such as yesterday's. It may well be the team which first finds some consistency is the one who wins the league and that needs to be us.

We should have beaten Brighton where we had 60% possession. We should have beaten Fulham, 75% LFC possession and we should have beaten West Brom in a game we finished with 78% possession.

Instead we drew all three and let six points slip through our fingers. Thankfully we're still sitting three points clear at the top of the table, although that could go down to two if Utd win their game in hand.

It's clear Klopp needs to find the puzzle pieces which see us make more of all the possession we have. Especially against teams who choose primarily to sit in their own half for the entirety of a match.

The problem is, this is not as easy a thing to fix as it may first appear. After giving it some thought, I realise our lack of cutting edge in attack reaches all the way back from our front players, through midfield and right the way to defence.

Let's start with Virgil Van Dijk. Normally with him at the heart of defence and a relatively reliable Gomez alongside, we can confidently say to other teams: 'come at us' The knock on effect of that is our midfield is freer to focus it's attentions forward.

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This might mean for example when we expect to face a very defensive side we start Keita or Oxlade Chamberlain in midfield. They will make direct runs at the oppo as well as take long range shots and generally have a better chance of beating the bus.

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The trouble is at present we risk losing the ball in midfield via too attacking a set up meaning the opposition are left facing off against our defence. Not the prior mentioned world class defence however but an ever changing makeshift one which has nothing like the same prowess.

So, we might agree to cut Jurgen some slack as he's clearly juggling more balls than normal. No Jay. The fact remains though he needs to find a bus beating solution.

The way I see it, there are two options to explore. There's The Ox and there's The Naby as one option - drop one of them into midfield but in doing so put our defence at greater risk. Or there's Case's rather splendiferous system which is as follows and the one I propose we trial against Newcastle.

I'm keen to hear everyone's views but mine is forget Ox, forget Keita, neither are ever fit for more than half a match at a time and let's start to hone a winning bus-beater we can use with some regularity.

Minamino has shown good form of late and we should try to build on that. If we play the above line-up, we're using aces in their places - Mane is brilliant on the right, Taki does great on the left, Salah loves to be centre of attention the pitch and Bobby can slot nicely into a string pulling role. Perfect.

Henderson and Gini can focus more on pure defensive work because Bobby's taking care of through balls and attack starting link up play, so that keeps our central midfield strong. Robbo and T2A can drop into midfield and help out when not attacking. Plus within our main attack we have a strong element of heel nippers who'll press from the front leaving little room for buses to counter through.

What say you people? Would you like to see a change in formations along the lines I've suggested or rather us stick with a 4-3-3 and drop in Ox et al for more attacking edge?

Before you decide here's the Gaffa's post match thoughts and I can tell you he says Matip suffered a 'wandering injury' whereby he first felt an ankle issue which then migrated to a back problem and culminated in what I'm sure Jurgen murmurs is a: 'we have no bloomin idea'

Finally I'd like to send all our best wishes to Joe and we hope he's very soon on the mend. A win against Newcastle would be just what the doctor ordered.

With it seeming highly likely manager Steve Bruce will follow the Mourinadycian buses blueprint, please comment below on how you think we can best blow the bloody doors off.
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