LIVERPOOL FC vs Atalanta l Live fans match thread!

It’s our first Champions League match after the devastating international break which saw us lose four of our first team squad members to injuries and Covid, taking our tally to seven players who were out of action for last weekend’s EPL fixture against Leicester.

For most teams that would have crippled them and seen them put out a well below par performance, but we are LIVERPOOL FC, we band together like family and laugh in the face of adversity.

Through recent low points we've seen the emergence of some young new talent as well as been reminded we still have a few wily old dogs to rely on, but as good as the performance against Leicester was, we have to put it behind us and concentrate on continuing our dominance in Europe.

With Atalanta travelling to Liverpool it allows Klopp and a few of the players an extra day to recover and prepare to defend our top of the group position. During his pre-match press conference Klopp was extremely evasive when it came to answering questions about key players’ injuries and their possible return. It was very much a maybe, maybe not.

“All the rest, no news. One looks closer, another not. We will see who is available but I don’t want to speak too much about it.”

Klopp continued on a bit more in secretive code and closed the topic by stating he didn't know too much about which players Atalanta had available so why should he provide them more details than necessary. This cut throat comment was of course done with a glint in his eye and that devilish smirk he has, long may it continue.

Let’s look at the definite outs: Virgil, Gomez, TAA, Shaqiri and Naby. The possible returnees are Henderson and Ox with a highly probable return by Mo Salah who after a recent negative Covid test recommenced training this Monday.

Last time against Atalanta we saw the Liverpool of old being led by our new recruit Jota, who is still scoring for fun.

This mid-week game team selection job is one I do not envy, with Klopp having to weigh up who he might bring in now versus who should perhaps wait for the weekend. Plus, who does he rest? Jota is in fine form and the last thing you want to do is disrupt that. On the other hand you don’t want to burn the lad out and considering we have such a healthy five point lead at the top, should he be given a rest and saved for the Premier League where wins are comparatively more crucial.

There are so many possible line-ups available I'm sure we could all put out three completely different ones and still be wrong. I think Klopp will start us relatively strong because he can use five substitutions to give some of the players who will be needed again on the weekend a partial rest. With that in mine I would go with the following.

Please let us know who you'd like to see Jurgen include and how confident you feel. Also is this almost a throwaway fixture where you'd be happy to see not our strongest line-up in order that we rest some players for the Premier League?

LiverBird's Scorecast for this one: we will score the square root of 16, and them the square root of 0!


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