Liverpool 3-0 Leicester | Sweet result bitter aftertaste

What a fantastic result, we played the game in memory of Ray Clemence and did him proud. I don't think even the most optimistic were expecting us to be able to cope quite so well with all our injuries but we played superbly.

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Let's focus on the positives first and there were many. Starting at the back.

Alisson proved his worth once more making several very good saves. His distribution and overall play continues to cement his position as one of the best keepers in the world and more importantly he continues to help cement our title bid.

In front of Alisson, Milner also proved his value, an absolute rock for us as always and no matter where he's fielded. Matip reminded us how great a defender he is and Fabinho could easily be a centre-back by trade and a top one to boot. Robertson.

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That's it, pictured above with Praet, in a contest you know Robbo is going to win, there's literally no further action required than to write his name down in confirmation he played, to have people know he had a great game.

He never doesn't have a great game (holy double negative batman!) and I think Robertson may be our number one player. His tireless energy and drive accompanied with technical brilliance are surely unmatched anywhere on the planet and we're lucky to have him. Do you agree he's our best player?

Moving to midfield.

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Keita played well, briefly, so too did unsung hero Wijnaldum but the stand out performance was clearly from Curtis Jones. Confidence, vision, skill, passing, cheeky Scouse excellence. The sky appears to be the limit for him. Jones is a local lad done well story and future LFC legend in the making. Those things combined make us very happy indeed.

How about our attack, was that as good as the rest of our team?

Yes. It was.

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The really good part about our attack though was Firmino finding some form. Early in the game it appeared he was still lacking some cutting edge, as has been the case for a while. In fact while watching on our Liver Bird Nest Live Fans Match Thread (the best live fans match thread.....

..... in the world) many of us were becoming frustrated by Bobby's performance but then, BOOOOMMM! Bobby's back, back again, Bobby's back, tell some friends. Not only did our Brazilian maestro go on to add his name to the score sheet but he'd also began to play far more like his old self all round. That is very good news. In fact in attack there was quite a Jota good news because Mane and Diogo were both brilliant as well.

So there we have it, from keeper to striker we played a Brendan beating blinder but sadly there were also a few less outstanding moments

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As Keita left the field with a hamstring injury we were left to ponder his future. We all know the extent of his LFC injury history. Possibly we can cut him slack, and we should, due to the impact Covid has had on the fixture schedule. However, long before Covid he has been picking up all too frequent injuries. Does Naby provide a benefit overall or is he taking up valuable squad space?

Talking of people's futures, as much as I root strongly for all Liverpool players and even more so home grown ones, I'm yet to be convinced Neco Wiliams is going to make the cut. Coming on around the hour mark to replace injury stricken Keita, not for the first time Neco failed to impress and unlike Jones I don't presently see him as someone we can reliably field in important games. I remain hopeful he will improve and reach a greater potential.

"Everybody tells me it is difficult but it is really difficult for the players. The rest is just a decision on a desk in an office," Klopp said.

In an impassioned interview with Sky's Geoff Shreeves, which was shown by international broadcasters, Klopp said: "If you don't start talking to BT, we are all done.

"Sky and BT have to talk. If we keep playing on Wednesday and Saturday 12:30 I am not sure if we will finish the season with 11 players."

When Klopp was told the clubs had agreed the broadcast deals, he said: "If someone tells me again about contracts I will go really nuts because the contracts were not made for a Covid season.

"You stand here with the facemask, we adapt. Everything changed but the contract with the broadcasters is still 'nope, we have this so we keep this'. What? Everything changed. The whole world changed."

I could not agree more. Jurgen has never struck me as someone to moan for moaning's sake and the evidence to support his view is there for all to see: players are dropping like flies and not just ours.

Jurgen has previously implored people not to set early Saturday kick-off times for teams who play midweek European games and no sooner had the words left his mouth, they've done exactly that. Meaning we play Atalanta on Wednesday and then at 12.30 on Saturday we play Brighton.

I fully believe Jurgen's sincere in requesting these changes on behalf of all teams and more importantly all players. Let's hope this time the Broadcasters take heed.

The above interview is being hurriedly brushed under the carpet and is difficult to find as a result but please post the clip in the comments if found anywhere. In the meantime here are some happier post match words from the gaffa.

That's it for this one friends, a superb game which proved despite our continuing injury troubles we remain a force to be reckoned with. Back at the top of the table, our beautiful Red train rolls on.
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