FSG quietly forge ahead with plans to drastically change Liverpool Football Club?

Take a look through Liverpool FC news headlines and you'll see talk of Wijnaldum's contract, rumours linking us with all manor of centre-backs, articles questioning Salah's actions in catching Covid19 and discussion regards our injuries, all encapsulated in general LFC hubbub.

What you'll be hard pushed to find is any information whatsoever regarding the changing ownership, structuring and functioning of our club.

However that doesn't mean it's not in the process of being changed beyond all recognition. In fact it's almost certain that's exactly what is happening.

In a recent article we discussed the possibility of FSG selling a stake of our club. As was widely reported at the time - this is something they are keen to do.

In essence the tabled deal is as follows. Billy Beane, founder of the money-ball philosophy and current minority owner of various sports clubs has set up a new company called Redball, along with an American Financier named Gerry Cardinale. This company would merge with Fenway Sports Group.

The new corporation would be publicly listed with Redball owning a 20% stake in FSG and in turn Liverpool. The plan then being to purchase holdings in other sports clubs.

During the summer, 'Redbird' a separate company owned by Cardinale, purchased French Ligue 2 side Toulouse and it's reported this acquisition would likely be incorporated into the above merger.

After the purchase of Toulouse, Cardinale appointed our past director of football Damien Comolli as Chairman. It's clear to see the links here and this process looks more and more likely to happen.

The big question is do we want this change and it's very hard to answer that without further information detailing exactly what it would mean for Liverpool Football Club.

It looks like the idea is to create a ladder type structure similar to Redbull, who among other interests own RB Leipzig and RB Salzburg and shuffle players between them. We could for example see the same kind of relationship between us and Toulouse.

My heart doesn't like the thought of Liverpool becoming one part of a list of sporting entities owned by a massive corporation. It feels like this would erode our soul and that's by far our biggest asset.

You cannot take away our history but would this type of deal risk tarnishing our future?

Sadly I think it may. City have a similar ownership structure with City Football Group and I want us to be as far away from them as humanly possible. This seems like it takes us in the opposite direction.

When all is said and done we cannot make firm judgements without more information and currently that's my biggest bugbear. Since initial reports about this deal we've been met by deafening silence.

If any such ownership and club restructuring is to take place then surely fans should be consulted.

Personally I'll take a dim view if we go directly to learning the deal has been done under the radar.

How do you feel fellow Reds. Would such a deal be progress or regress and do we have a right to be consulted beforehand?

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