Atalanta 0-5 Liverpool | Unstoppable force or false hope?

Morning gang, hope everyone's well. It was good to see Joe about yesterday after his recent health scare. A mighty fine result last night but I can't help wonder if two things were at play, a flattering scoreline helped massively by dog darn awful opposition.

If you agree with those assertions then like me you'll still be very unsure of how our next match against arch rivals City is likely to pan out.

For a quick recap on our mahoosive thrashing of Atalanta, Romper has summed things up nicely.

Some good points there and I agree as follows.

Gomez is certainly looking better with each and every game and has now left behind the shaky spell he was suffering. I'm still not convinced he is going to be a world class centre-back but he's by no means a liability now either.

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Take an improved Gomez, add Williams and Phillips into the mix, a soon to return Matip and to a point we can stop worrying about defence.

Jota is simply fantastic. I said on the match thread, I can see him having a season similar to Suarez during 13/14. Other posters felt he may be closer to Salah in his breakthrough season and they could be right, although I feel he's a more complete player and closer to Chewy but we all agree he's just what we needed to get our attack firing on all cylinders.

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Our attack's recent waning was beginning to become a big issue - Jota looks to have fixed it.

Agreeing with Romper, I think Jones did indeed look rather good last night but I find midfield currently the most troubling. I don't think Jones is good enough to be playing games like our next one against City. He may do a passable job but to win it I think we need more.

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With Thiago's return still an unknown, Fabinho the same, our midfield still lacks some bite. Could that be fixed by Firmino?

We simply have to start Jota due to his form but should we try a 4-3-3, like last night, but with Firmino in place of Jones? Unless Thiago is available for the City match, this could be our strongest line-up. In fact going forward it could prove to be a good way to include both Firmino and Jota.

Final thoughts

I certainly don't want to pour water on winning flames but if we're honest Atalanta were extremely poor. The amount of space they left us for most of the match was criminal and we were further flattered in the scoreline by the crossbar acting as a third LFC centre-back.

That said things are looking so much more positive than they were just a few weeks ago. We've seen that even with multiple injuries to some of our best players we can still remain competitive and in the case of our attack actually get even better.

Do you agree midfield is now our most concerning area? And should we move to regularly fielding a  line-up and formation which includes all four of our top attackers: Mane, Mo, Bobby Firmino and Jota.

Have we recovered enough form to best City or will they expose still present deficiencies?


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