VAR 2-2 Liverpool | Klopp left fuming as Everton gifted draw in disgraceful match

So, there we have it, the Merseyside derby ruined. In what can only be described as an utter disgrace of a game, Everton, who spent the entire match enacting dirty tactics the like of which we normally see in European football, had VAR firmly in their pocket.

Not content with having a twelfth man however they proceeded to play for a draw, at home. Time wasting all the way as they went.

One thing I will say is perhaps we could have done more to prevent Everton bullying us. It's all well and good being fair minded and under Klopp we have always played the game in good spirit but occasionally you need to meet fire with fire so the opposition don't get carried away.

Specially when the officials have left their balls in their handbags and are letting them........

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That was the first incident: With the game barely under way we'd taken the lead in fine fashion via a Mane goal, assisted by Robertson. We were looking the better team and very much up to the challenge. So what did Everton do about that - yes that's right they did what any team would do, try to break the leg of one of the opposing side's best players.

Differing opinions are the name of the game and very much welcome and encouraged in the comments section but for me Pickford's challenge on Van Dijk should have been a straight red, all day, every day. And a penalty(?).

I have heard pundits saying their was no intent to injure. I don't care. If you leave the ground with both feet, at speed and make that kind of 'tackle' the potential to cause a career ending injury is very real.

Irrespective of whether Pickford meant to cause harm, he intentionally made that style of tackle. His feet, legs and body are not a haphazard coming together controlled remotely by aliens. He is responsible for his appendages and he chose to use them that way.

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After recklessly injuring one of our best players and getting away with it scot free Everton played okay-ish for a spell while we tried to get our heads back in the game. Unfortunately Adrian decided to help us do so by giving away a soft corner and then making an equally soft attempt to save the resulting headed shot into the back of his net.

I had hoped Adrian would find some halfway decent form to get us by while Alisson is out but that hope is looking forlorn now. It's hard to see how today's performance will have him start our next match anything other than further down, on what seemed an already low amount of confidence.

We did then find our feet once more and had much the better of it up until half time, with Pickford making the most of his wrongly allowed continuance in the game by saving shots from Alexander Arnold and two efforts from Salah. We also had numerous other chances blocked.

The second half began with Everton's André Gomes committing a foul which set the tone once more.

We played well with chances being blocked or going just wide. Everton carried on making fouls, feigning injury and time wasting.

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Eventually our pressure was telling with Salah, who had been a live wire throughout, firing a rifle like shot [100 for LFC!] straight past Pickford to give us a 1-2 lead. The ref even remembered he had some coloured cards he was meant to be doing something with and booked Gomes for yet another foul.

So with twenty odd minutes left to play, all was not exactly well but far better than it had been and the scoreline far more representative of how much better than them we had been. And then it all went pear shaped.

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Clavert-Lewin scored a good headed goal. That's what good players do and he is one. Were we good enough in this moment? No, not really. T2A was a little outdone for pace allowing Everton to whip the ball into our area, Gomez did a great impression of a statue allowing Lewin a free header and Robertson didn't do as much as he might have to put Lewin off.

A good goal, these things happen. Not the worst moment in the game. That was yet to be contested.

Not content with one shocking challenge, Everton decided to take another go at causing serious injury or ending someone's career when Richarlison went in foot raised, studs showing and aimed directly at Thiago's shin.

Fortunately, Thiago somehow managed to avoid injury (edit:possibly not) and equally fortunately the ref wasted no time in showing Richarlison the colour card he should have shown Pickford.

Sadly the next incident just about capped off a very bad day at the office.

As the clock ticked into stoppage time our great, thirty year wait ending Captain Henderson, who had played a very good game, righted the match's wrongs in the best possible way - by scoring a chuffin brilliant goal.

Unfortunately, as you can see, it was clearly 0.0124575mm offside. onside.

What kind of a dog damn game is this? Seriously, someone needs to be slapped round the face with a wet fish, hard. Words fail me as to just how big a lash up they are making of VAR, so I will let the picture do the talking. Please consider it your civic duty to vent below though.

I wish I could end on some kind of upbeat note. Our performance was good, we were by far the better team and a point is not the end of the world. What could be though is the lasting damage caused in this game to Van Dijk who has been seen leaving hospital on crunches with a suspected knee injury and Thiago who is also the subject of pending scan results.

Below are Jurgen's thoughts on the game, understandably he's not a happy camper.

Let's try to keep as positive as we can. No sugar coating it - today was a rotten one for us but we have great team spirit and a great squad now. We can hopefully dig deep and somehow get by. It's early in the season and other teams will have issues too.

Chin up fellow Reds, we never have things easy or straightforward but we very often still prevail.


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