The bad, the bad, and the Adrian | Villa 7-2 Liverpool | What went wrong?

Where do we start with that then. I've literally no idea what just happened. A comedy of errors, a fistful of fish-ups? Buckle in fellow reds, this post match review may be a bumpy ride and all I can promise is to try not to go full Kanwar. After losing 7 chuffin 2 to Aston bloomin Villa though that will be easier said than done.

First thing to say is well played Villa. Take nothing away from them, no matter how poor we were, and we were friggin horrendous, they played a blinder and what a great talent they've signed in Watkins.

I'm afraid I can't avoid assessing ourselves next but will try not to prolong the agony.

The bad.

Firmino. As has just been commented on our match thread by posters Texturact and Demon, Firmino is starting to seem a shadow of his former self. For a long while now we have observed he is not the most natural of strikers and slowly but surely that seems to have become the norm to the point he rarely even takes a shot these days. To be clear he is of course a fantastic player, one of our very best but some re-jigging may be needed to reset him to factory default.

Keita. Again highlighted on our match thread, Keita is starting to leave lingering doubts as to if he will ever be the player we hoped we were signing. My own view is he lacks the confidence needed to perform consistently highly at an elite level and I don't know if that's fixable.

Where were the driving forward runs today? I don't remember any so as presumably the most attack focused midfielder in our line-up what was he doing.

Our midfield in general. With no Henderson, who was going to take the game by the scruff of the neck, and especially important once we went behind - where was the leader in midfield. I don't think there was one and that's a big issue.

The bad.

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Our defence. Robertson's likely giving the rest of our defence the hair dryer treatment as I type, and he would be right to. He seemed to be the only one with anything dangling between his legs today. Sorry but the others, including Van Dijk, were not at the races. Not even close and Gomez was terrible.

Worryingly our defence have been off the boil for quite a long period, stretching back past the onset of covid. Hopefully the answer is as Romper has suggested it could be in that we need to get back to basics on the training ground. Otherwise I'm all out of ideas as to what it might be and how to fix it.

Our formation and tactics. How and why were we so easily undone, over and over again by simple long balls? Nester Joe called this out during the game and he's spot on, it happened time and again.

Has some arrogance crept in where we push up a high line and just assume that's enough. Almost as if to say 'nah the oppo won't be good enough to play past that most basic of things' I don't know but I hope not to see it happening again.

The Adrian.

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There is only one possible way to sum up Adrian's performance today and it's this:

Technically bereft lolloping lummox.

The question is can he improve and become a reliable backup keeper to Alisson, or does he need to be put out to pasture.

............The Good!

No just kidding.

Ah I suppose we should try to finish on a positive note. Compared to a lot of last season, where we berated our attackers, especially during the run in and especially Salah, it is only right today to say he was quite good. Not just him but Jota was too. Ifs buts and maybes don't equal points but it's fair to point out we could easily have had four or five goals ourselves today. Not seven though :-\

Okay fellow Reds, that is about as good a post match musing as I can muster today but I would like to hear everyone's views in the comments as to what went wrong and most importantly if it's a temporary blip or if you fear it could be ongoing.

Edit: Maybe, just maybe, that was a timely wake up call and reality check as let's be honest we probably were starting to feel the league was in the bag again and after just three games that's a little bit crazy.

Klopp will have everyone working their socks off to the double after this and I'm sure it will show in our next run of games. We also have the international break to dust ourselves off and with luck see some injured players return. Providing this is just a one off extreme trend bucker and not symptomatic of underlying issues then it's not the end of the world.

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