Nesters to the rescue - help Jurgen pick his best eleven!

Jurgen's almost certainly a keen reader of the Nest and there can be little doubt our thoughts on all things Liverpool were invaluable to him last season. Simply put the league would not have been won without us.

However this is no time for back-patting, it is clear our club needs us again. After the shock defeat to Villa we need to offer our insight, wisdom and guidance once more.

Jurgen will have some idea how to rectify things but we can help enormously by deciding which is our absolute best starting eleven, and that is what we must now do.

I will get the ball rolling, haha ball rolling, umm, yes but no one Nester alone can be an island so please all help in completing the picture. Also big thanks to Romper for the most excellent article idea.


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No beating about the bush, Jay has that covered. The answer wears a beard and his name is Alisson.


Nearly as straightforward: Robertson, Van Dijk...... if I had to pick right now and bet my house on it, I say Matip, when fit I feel he has been more consistently good than Gomez. The back four is completed of course by Alexander-Arnold.

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Again for me this is fairly easy, first name on the board is our magnificent captain Henderson. To this day he is still undervalued in some quarters but surely the most stubborn of critics are beginning to realise just how much we miss him when he's out.

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Thiago may have played just one LFC game but that was enough for me to include him in our best midfield - he does everything and does it well. Fabinho tops things off. Over several seasons he has been reliably excellent and I think this trio gives us our best balance of defence, attack, ball winning, pass making and chance creation.


Salah and Mane have to be the first names here. Salah is sometimes frustrating but all top attackers go through blips and even when not at full tilt Mo still knocks in twenty odd goals a season, never mind when he's really in form. Mane is just superb and it's hard to say which of these two are the best so I will say they're equally matched and equally important to us.

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Now, Firmino? This is where I'm going out on a limb, relying on my vast footballing experience and knowledge, as well as my infallible instinct and judgement - Balotelli was a huge success for us right? Jota gets the nod. Remember, this is our best team at this moment in time. Firmino has looked sub par lately, jaded, whereas Jota has looked excellent and hungry.

So there is my best eleven and they would line-up as follows.

What do you think all - our absolute best eleven - is this ready to submit to Jurgen or can it be improved? List your line-ups below!

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