Liverpool v Sheffield | Live fans match thread!

After success in Amsterdam we now return home to Anfield to take on The Blades, so called due to their City's famous knife making skills.

It's unlikely Sheffield will manage to steal any points from us for two reasons. Firstly, we have more mettle than they do and secondly, they're dog damn awful.

Currently sitting joint bottom of the league, Sheffield have lost every single game this season bar one in which they managed a draw. So, this should be an easy three points right?

In all honesty yes it should. However, even this early in the season Sheffield are basically fighting to stay up and I feel they'll approach the game as one in which they have nothing to lose.

They're a wounded animal and we need to maintain focus and concentration or risk getting bitten. Former Liverpool FC lad Brewster is likely to play and will be keen to make his mark as well.

In Klopp's press conference he made similar remark about how we need to always be on point, with a high intensity. Additionally he said although players like Fabinho are capable stand-ins for those out injured, neither he or they can fast track the understanding built between sets of players over time.

That is a good point and with our team blighted by injuries and Coronavirus it has been unsettled for a while. That'll continue tomorrow with a defence and keeper who've not played much as a group.

If Thiago is fit and fielded it might be the case our midfield are relatively new to each other and the trend could even effect our attack, if for example Mane is rested or Firmino dropped due to form.

All things considered Klopp is faced with a juggling game at present: which players are available, which ones need resting to avoid becoming unavailable and which will play best as an eleven - taking into account familiarity of one and other's play.

In addition he needs to consider our current deficiencies. We discussed some of those in our last article and I think we're all in agreement that with Van Dijk out we're not looking as strong in the air.

Sheffield will surely have noted this and we may face a barrage of long balls as a result. Apart from testing our newly formed defence, this is where deficiency number two could come into play - Adrian.

So that's a worry but thankfully I don't see many others. Our attack is sweet like chocolate and our midfield even without Thiago back, is pretty tasty too - it won the league last season don't you know.

After hearing Jurgen's injury updates, I'd field the following line-up.

Keep the keeper and back four to build familiarity, plus Klopp said Matip is subject to a late fitness test and for me that's as good as saying he still has a 'fragile handle with care' sticker attached. Klopp stated similar about Thiago possibly being ready which sounds last minute so I'd not risk him either.

This sees midfield the same as last time out but with the addition of splendiferous skipper Henderson who made a difference for the better when he came on during the second half against Ajax.

Up front, I agree with Romper's posts in response to my last article's line-up and cannot see any reason to play Mane. No sooner had he left the field on Wednesday gone, he was holding an icepack to his knee and so even though Jurgen says it wasn't an issue, why take any risk.

To replace Mane I've gone with Jota but therein lies some deliberation because I feel Firmino should be benched for a while and so Minamino and Jota are both needed.

We've played them together a few times now but with both favouring a left wing spot are we compromising one of them in doing so?

Even with an influx of new attackers we're perhaps still too left side biased. Fortunately Salah is looking sharp so start him again on the right.

What do you think fellow Nesters? What's our best line-up for tomorrow. Drop Firmino? Same defence and midfield as last time? Could Shaqiri even be a surprise inclusion.

Whatever happens #RedHulkSmash and Liver Bird's scorecast for this one four, chuffin, nil.


Prediction League
Which LFC player will make the most interceptions? (5 points)
Which LFC player will have the most touches? (5 points)
How many saves will Adrian make? (10 points)
Get all three right for a bonus 15 points!

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