Liverpool 4 - 5 Arsenal | EFL Cup | Liver Bird's match review

Well there we are, another early exit from the EFL Cup which saw Arsenal take the honours via penalty shoot out. When all is said and done it is only the EFL Cup however so I'm not going to dwell too much on our loss but simply recount some highlights and lowlights.

‘Silly arcade game to decide a match, bring back Golden Goal’ no truer words have been written.
Plus points

Jota is definitely looking like the player we were all hoping and begging for. The lad played wide left and then in the second half switched to the right and he provided the same intensity and high level of play in both areas. Had some good chances thwarted only by the MOTM: Arsenal keeper Leno.

Taki gave another promising display but should have finished that one chance with a wide open goal. Granted the ball came at him with great pace so he had little time to react. Taki also tracked back and made some good defensive tackles to break up the opposition.

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The William's duo in our back line put in a decent performance. Both were far more impressive than their last showing which is quite promising and in Rhys Williams we look to have another good centre back option from our fringe/youth players.

Grujic has been linked with several moves away from the club but I would rather see him stay especially with our central midfield's injury record. I know we have Thiago now but I feel Grujic is ideal cover for Fab's. Yesterday his tackling seemed on point the majority of the time and he has a decent shot on him. Can consider himself extremely unlucky not to have scored because he made Leno pull off some world class saves to keep the game deadlocked at nil, nil.

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Not so swell points

Other than the loss, because seriously who likes to lose (other than ManU fans), the biggest disappointment for me was the lack of involvement from our two so called prodigy midfielders. Wilson, like a broken Jack-in-a-box only popped up every now and again and apparently Curtis Jones was on the field as well (must have been doing his Gini impersonation), but at least Jones scored his penalty.

Divok Origi had his chance to show his class once again, oh wait no, no he didn't. For a so called striker to make such a flimsy effort in contacting the ball when taking a penalty is a disgrace and was also the catalyst for us not winning the game. Further more Nope that's it wasted enough time on Origi, lets move on to a cup he actually did something good in......

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Looking forward to an altogether more worthy competition

A few hours before our game with Arsenal there was a small event taking place with some anonymous ex-footballers. During this event the future UEFA Champions League group stages were drawn. I use the term drawn in the loosest possible manner because at some point certain clubs have to stop being labelled "lucky" in cup draws and it will have to instead be called hand picked opposition to set up easy access to the next round.

Moving swiftly on: LFC were in pot one and placed into group D, then from pot 2 Ajax were the first team to join us followed by Atalanta FC and the unfortunate début Danish side, Midtjylland.

This is a rather unknown quantity for Liverpool as our head to head stats against all these teams will show. Ajax we have faced twice with one loss and one draw which were played in the 1966 European Cup, that's it, and it will be our first meeting with the other two clubs in the group. Should be an exciting group stage and fun to see how we fare against these teams. The Ajax games in particular could be corkers as much like ourselves, they're a good attacking, open football playing side.

Well that will do for now as we may put out a more comprehensive article regards the UEFA CL in due course. Next up it's back to the EPL in three days where we'll look to return to winning ways against an in form Villa. Hopefully see you all then fellow Red's.
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