Chelsea v Liverpool | Live fans match thread!

Among all the transfer excitement it's been almost easy to forget a game of football is about to breakout and some game of football it could prove to be......

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This match up has always been a tasty one and although Jurgen has played it down (see his below presser) last season's sideline spat between he and Lampard will have done little to dampen the flames. Ultimately we won that game, our last of the season at Anfield, 5-3 and let's hope we have the last laugh this time as well.

Football doesn't stand still long and much has changed since we last met Chelsea. Most notably perhaps, whilst we have tightened our belts due to the Covid crisis, they have signed Werner, Ziyech, Chillwel, Sarr, Silva and Havertz. Almost like they're owned by an oligarch.

Will all of Chelsea's new signings be enough for them to get the upper hand or can our well drilled, long standing team have them running about like headless chickens?

Although you'd naturally expect me to be somewhat biased I genuinely feel we will trounce them. After watching our opening game it's clear we're revved up and raring to go. In attack we looked blistering and we know our defence can be much better than against Leeds. This is where the game will be won and lost I feel - our defence.

There's no doubt in my mind we will create chances and if our defence do their part, we will take enough to win the game. No doubting either Chelsea will likely create chances and with the calibre of players they have, our defence need to be stellar or they will convert enough to win.

Rocket surgery it is not - we defend well and take our chances, we win. Do the opposite and they win.

Let's hear if Klopp agrees


Kostas is still out after testing positive for Covid19 during international duties, although he has returned to training now which is great news - we wish him well.

Shaqiri has returned to training as well. He had suffered a muscle injury in pre-season but took part in a closed doors friendly last week. It's not clear if he'll be available for tomorrow's game but he doesn't sound far off.

Oxlade-Chamberlain is still out for a few weeks with a knee injury.

According to Lampard via his pre-match press conference, Chelsea will be missing Chillwel, Silva, Ziyech and Pulisic.

Call me old fashioned but I don't particularly trust Chelsea and would not put it past them to sandbag. If they are really without all four of those players however then that can only be a plus. That said we do not need injuries to help us win this game, we just need to play our best.

Other points of interest

Jurgen has said that contrary to reports we do not have a one in/one out transfer requirement and that Thiago's signing doesn't spell anything negative for any of our existing player's futures. Also it's being claimed elsewhere that Wijnaldum is edging closer to signing a fresh deal with Reds.

In terms of match tactics, will Minamino and Keita perhaps both find a spot in the starting line-up? The pair have been in rude form, and in the big games Jurgen often fields curve balls so I wouldn't be surprised.

Finally, the biggest point of interest, no Jay! ;) will Thiago play? Place your bets now ladies and gents.....

Here's mine.

Whatever the line-up, Liver Bird's Scorecast for this game: 0-4!


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