You can never have too many Brazilians

Origi out (linked with a move to Villa) Talles Mango in? You can never have too many Brazilians and we're apparently interested in adding another to our ranks.

Talles Mango may be just 18 years old but his services are already in high demand with PSG, Lille, Bayer Leverkusen, Sevilla and others including ourselves, keen to sign him up.

It's reported that we've made contact with Mango's existing club Vaso da Gama and despite him having a £45m release clause he may be available for as little as £18m.

A player this young may not be the established superstar signing we're hoping for but if Mango is set to be a future superstar and is hungry to reach that potential quickly then that could provide us a better option than Origi who many believe simply doesn't have the required drive.

Mango's primary position is centre forward but he can also play both left and right wing. That sounds perfect to me, what team doesn't want a Brazilian striker? And if he can fill in for Mane and Mo then so much the better.

Further Mango stats: He's 1.86M tall, left footed and..... not much else to list here. Although Mango won the U17 World Cup and has gone on to score 3 goals in 6 appearances for the U19 side, I can find precious little about him domestic league wise.

Just 2 appearances for Mango last season and 15 the one before but at such a young age it's normal he would not feature heavily. In that smattering of games he scored 2 and made 1 assist.

Not much to go on then but let's take a look at him in action.

Okay, I'm only one minute fifty seconds in and it's a yes from me - he looks mustard and clearly is going to be a future superstar. If he's available for £18m we'd be mad not to snap him up. He could at minimum provide some much needed competition to Origi and cover options for M&M. At best we might be adding a worldie to our books and better we do that than one of our rivals.
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