Welcome to Liverpool Kostas Tsimikas | A new era in LFC transfers?

It's official, we welcome Greek left back Kostas Tsimikas to Liverpool, and for just £11.75million. Over the last day or so this has made me begin to wonder if we're entering a new phase in our transfers. Before we consider that though let's take a closer look at our new player.

Born in Thessaloniki, Greece, Kostas (full name Konstantinos) is 24 years old. First playing for his local village team as a young lad. At 14 he moved to slightly bigger Neapoli Thessaloniki and then to bigger still Panserraikos FC, doing well in both club's youth systems before signing for Olympiacos in 2014.

In 2016 he was sent on loan to gain experience at Esbjerg in Denmark and then subsequently to Dutch club Willem II. Over the two loan spells Kostas scored 8 goals and created 6 assists.

Returning to Olympiacos in 2018, games were initially few and far between with coach Pedro Martins favouring Leonardo Koutris. However, last season Kostas overtook Koutris as first choice and returned 7 assists over the season. Olympiacos rewarded him with a new deal until 2023 which he signed, before promptly receiving an offer he couldn't refuse from us.

We know Tsimikas is a left footer who will provide cover for Robertson at left back but he can also play left midfield and it will be interesting to see if Jurgen uses him there and if so how good he is.

Tsimikas is said to be similar to Robbo, described as an attacking full back who flies up and down the wings just like our Scottish worldie. He also excels at both tackling and crossing.

What's not to like? Can't wait to see him in action and again, just like with Robbo, I've a feeling we've grabbed ourselves a real bargain.

As a closing train of thought, perhaps we're seeing a new era in our transfers. Of late many, including myself, have been disheartened by various reports that commonly linked us with moves for cheap players. It seemed we were penny pinching while teams around us were spending big.

I'm now considering things in a more palatable light which is demonstrated perfectly by the Talles Magno situation. It's reported that Liverpool is the Brazilian strikers number one destination and that's versus numerous other suitors. It's also been in the news that we could sign him for £18m despite a £45m release clause and I believe previous interest from us at a far higher price.

Also acknowledging Covid19 as a factor in lowering transfer fees across the board, I feel we have indeed entered a new era where we're reaping the rewards of our on-field success. Restored as the best dog damn team on the planet, players want to play for us. They also want to play for Klopp and accordingly the door is open to a smorgasbord of veritable transfer bargains as a result.

We can pick off the cream of the transfer crop and name our prices as we go. Add to that Klopp's superb success rate with new LFC signings and we can rest easy with faith he'll identify the parts of our squad which need improving and bring in some great players to do just that.

In this new way of looking at things, I feel far less worry that we're not being linked with massively expensive marquee signings but do you share that same view or have I inadvertently put the rose tints on and begun papering over transfer cracks?
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