VAR, good, bad or just plain ugly?

It's fair to say VAR's arrival into the premier league has not been a total success, unless of course you're United, City or Chelsea, although they still finished twenty or thirty points behind us. This coming season the Video Assistant Referee will undergo changes to hopefully improve matters.

The powers that be decided the Premier League wasn't implementing VAR properly and after some very important high level meetings, where all in attendance justified their wages, it's been agreed for the 1920/21 2020/21 (edit: thanks to Romper who spotted this week's deliberate mistake/Easter egg) season we'll fall in line with the 'full FIFA VAR protocol' This will ensure it works flawlessly.

Details of the new implementation.

On field monitors will be more widely used by the human referee.

Good: A no-brainer this one.

Zero tolerance in penalties where the keeper moves from his line, so lots of retakes. This rule won't be used if the penalty is missed due to the taker blazing it over the bar John Terry style, etc.

Probably good: In theory a rule is a rule and this will enforce it. In practice it could see penalties descend into circus like chaos. May provide some entertainment but could wear thin.

Zero tolerance during penalties for player encroachment. If a player has ventured into the area when a penalty is missed, a re-take will be ordered. Again this won't be applied unless the encroaching player is directly involved as in clearing the ball after it's been saved or hit the post etc.

Bad:  It's all starting to sound a bit convoluted to me and we appear to be about to make penalties the same as goals in normal play - no one will know what the Salah has happened until five minutes after the event when computer says no, or yes.

Assistant referees will be advised to keep their flags down for marginal off-side calls. Instead of players being asked to ignore the flag and play to the whistle, this (should) mean there won't be a flag but instead VAR will make it's review in the background.

Good: On paper this sounds a far better way of doing it however the question is what will it be like in practice. Are we in danger of leaving assistant referees, players and everyone else, totally confuddled.

In conclusion

These new guidelines are mostly good but I've a feeling their and the rest of VAR's implementation will be plain ugly. I also feel they should have changed the 'clear and obvious error' part. VAR should ensure the correct calls are made, not identify the wrong call but then say well it was only just wrong so we'll let it fly.

What do you think? Are the new changes good and is VAR making the game better or worse.
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