No summer signings? We only have ourselves to blame

At the start of April we asked: LFC to furlough some non playing staff, and should be commended. Popular opinion was FSG's decision to use the UK government furlough scheme was wrong. In fact many fans were up in arms to the point they forced a u-turn and rather than use the available scheme to cover some of the wage bill our club ended up footing the cost themselves.

Is it possible that as a result of the above fan induced extra costings, we now appear to have little to no money for transfers?

Unlike for example City, we don't have a bottomless pit of money and what funds are available need to be distributed on numerous things. As a recent comment from one of our regulars, Premiership Kings (otherwise known as Jay) mentions:

"It's the stadium expansion, new training ground and having one of the highest wage bills plus C-19 cash impact that's taking away the opportunity. If I had to choose, I'd spend on just one world class player that Klopp and Co really want or not at all. We have players to cover otherwise."

In contrast on our last article commenter Joe (otherwise known as the god whisperer) says:

"Surely we must’ve made money from winning all those trophies and the PL, yet we can’t afford a fish supper it seems. I don’t buy it. Instead we sit still and let our competitors get the jump on us. As I’ve said before two bad injuries to VVD and Salah and we go from champions to mid table. Every time Salah doesn’t play we can’t score and dog knows how bad we’d be without VVD."

Both valid points but while acknowledging the former as correct, fair and reasonable, I tend to lean toward the latter - we must be able to afford a quality player or two if we want. Therefore if we don't sign anyone and hopefully we still will, it will have been a purposeful choice not to.

That potential leads to the following considerations, are FSG guilty of penny pinching. Are they doing so due to their hands being forced on the furlough decision and if they don't make transfer funds available at this pivotal time, where our rivals are already strengthening, will it be at the expense of us defending the league title?

My view: It's time to smash the piggy-bank wide open. Blow any other considerations, it took us thirty years to get back to the top of the tree and we should now go balls to the wall to make sure we stay there. Anything less would be wholly unforgivable.
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