LFC summer transfers: Are we in safe hands?

Continuing from our last article, we delve deeper into our squad to identify how important new signings really are. Beginning by asking if we're in safe enough hands between the sticks.

Alisson, not too bad, not too bad at all. Made a few uncharacteristic errors toward the tail end of the season but we will give him a pass. He can stay for at least one more.

Karius, that's it, I'm just typing his name no need for anything else.

Adrian, began his Liverpool career with a bang, forced into action due to Alisson being injured he soon bagged himself a few trophies and was then forced into further action when Alisson got suspended. That second stint wasn't the best, actually it was Karius-esq.

We really need a better backup keeper. 21 year old Kelleher has so far not looked amazing but he has the best on the planet (yes Ole, you know it) to learn from in Alisson.

Perhaps Adrian will be enough to tide us over during that learning period or if Kelleher isn't good enough to embark on such a journey maybe we need to get another keeper in and if doing so, could and should replace Adrian in the process. Either which way I don't feel our squad currently has enough quality in this position.

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