Potential new LFC left back but how much would he Kostas?

Boom tish! Come on now you don't get that kind of highbrow humour at TIA. So, do we need a new left back? Yes. Might Kostas Tsimikas be the man for the job? Let's decide....

Here's a clip with some funky music to help.

Currently playing for Olympiakos* Tsimikas is 24 years old, 1.79M tall, left footed and valued at around £7/8million. According to various reports he's also a player we're keen on.

In April we were reportedly keen too but at a price of £22million so perhaps this represents somewhat of a bargain which is sure to appeal to our owners in the current economic climate.

Tsimikas is foremost a left back but can also play left midfield which could be handy. The main appeal though would obviously be to rotate with and provide cover for Robertson.

Last season over 45 games Tsimikas failed to register on the score sheet but did manage to chip in with 7 assists. Those stats compare with Robertson's as follows: 49 games, 3 goals and 12 assists (but seriously apart from those 3 goals and 12 assists what else has he achieved this season?:)

Naturally we'd expect to see Tsimikas some way behind the best left back on the planet but the question is would he make good cover for him?

I only have the video to go on but it's a yes from me. He looks quick, skilful, tenacious and hard working. Good passing range including crossing. He's left footed so won't feel the need to cut inside too much and looks to be a very tidy player at a bargain price. His finishing is perhaps not as polished as we'd like but let's be honest nor is any of our strikers so we can forgive that.

What say you peeps? Yay or nay.

*Olympiakos; define: a team against which this happened.

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