After 30 years in the wilderness the Liver Bird has risen again and perched itself firmly back at the top, as Liverpool FC take possession of their 19th English title. These last few years we have been through highs and lows from clinching our 6th European title to the loss of those who we hold dear.

During one of our most successful and dominant seasons in decades the world is brought to it's knees by a pandemic which affected some of our own. Thankfully they are fortunate enough to have come through this horrid time and are well and truly on the mend. So many though have been less fortunate and it is with respect of that we find ourselves here celebrating our 19th league title.

After a thrilling 5-3 winning goal-fest against Chelsea at Anfield, the stage was set for our lads to receive their deserving medals. It was a shame for it to be at an empty stadium but the club officials pulled out all the stops. The platform for the presentation was in the people's stand. The KOP.

Club legend, Sir Kenny Dalglish handed the baton to a legend in the making, team Captain, Jordan Henderson. Even though Sir Kenny was wearing a face mask it could not hide the smile that you knew stretched from ear to ear as he embraced each player and coaching staff while they made their way onto the stage to collect their medals.

A moment created in Liverpool FC's history that will forever be etched in my memory as no doubt it will for so many others. It provides us all time to look back on the turmoil during the last few decades from previous owners almost sending us under, to players that should never have been mentioned in the same sentence as our club. But also the glorious nights, like tonight through to our European dominance, won always with our ever present never say die attitude.

As this monumental occasion sinks in, I know like many others I will shed a tear or two in both happiness and sadness as we think about those who aren't here in body, but never fear they are here in spirit. From the 96 that never returned home to our very own Lady Liver Bird. As a lot of our posters have already said on this wonderful evening, or morning depending where you are, the boys in red have done you proud Bev, this one is for you xx.

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