Season 2019/20 - difficulty setting legendary: Completed

The hoodoo voodoo is finally broken. With the completion of the 2019/20 EPL season there can be no doubters or critics about Liverpool FC being crowned Champions of England. Number 19 proudly displayed on our Champions Wall.

Now begins one of the shortest summer breaks in history with the 20/21 season commencing on Saturday September 12th our recruitment team, back-room staff and players have just six weeks to get everything in order for us to GO AGAIN as we chase back to back titles and try to compete on all fronts instead of focusing on just one title, champions league, world cup and super cup at a time.

Before we start looking to the future though, let’s take a moment to reflect.

Our league wining story began strongly with a 4-1 victory over Norwich City (the beginnings of their downfall one could say), this was followed by winning our 2nd trophy within two and a half months as we snatched the Super Cup away from Chelsea via penalty shoot-out.

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Winning seven games straight in the EPL next before that forgettable and timid draw at Old Trafford. Our only blemish in the Premier League through to the end of February. Then the inevitable, we had our first loss to now relegated club Watford of all teams. We didn’t just lose either, we got schooled.

Not quite the start of our poor performance level that has carried through to the end of the season but it was a catalyst and cause for concern. Within the space of three weeks we'd lost the potential record of being unbeaten in the EPL, gotten knocked out of the FA Cup and Champions League as well as conceded goals as if we were giving them away like lollies on Halloween. (Note from Case: is this the point at which the lollygagging set in?;)

Next the unthinkable happened, all games were cancelled until further noticed. A pandemic had brought the world to it's knees as everything and everyone was put into lockdown. Rightfully so as we all battled to stay safe and well. Unfortunately, this pandemic touched far too many lives in such a horrid way and even some of those close here at the Nest. Thankfully they are well and truly on the road to a full recovery.

At this stage we held a twenty-five point lead with only nine games to play. After several weeks talk of a 'null and void' season and every LFC fan crying into their cups of tea diamond encrusted cereal bowl, thankfully a sensible and correct decision was made. Agreed upon by all teams, governing bodies and even Government bodies, the league would recommence behind closed doors....

The season returned with a fizzle bit of a damp squib squid (Editor note: sorry Romps couldn't resist) as one of our biggest fixtures of the season finished a goalless draw with neighbours Everton. It was a disappointing showing but hard to be upset considering it was the first game back after months out.

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At this stage we needed but a smattering of points to secure the title and gosh did we get them in style. It was the Liverpool we loved who came out to white wash Crystal Palace (4-0) and with other results going our way the job was soon a title winning one which saw us heading to the Etihad for our first ever premier league guard of honour. The City players loved giving the guard of honour and it was a monumental occasion which lifted our spirits beyond the moon. Sadly it wasn’t long before we were brought back to earth with an almighty thud as City went on to win four zip.

Our form was then dubious for the rest of the season as we recorded another loss and an unfortunate draw at Anfield which stripped us of another record - winning every home game in a season. Nevertheless we finished strongly with a wonderful win over Chelsea and then a 3-1 victory over Newcastle as the final whistle of the season was blown, with us leading second place by 18 points.

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Throughout the season some players stepped up and some vanished but all played their role in Liverpool FC winning our first English title in 30 years. For this I will be eternally grateful for each and every player from our top goal scorer Salah, the beast in goals, to Alisson the beast at saving them, all the way down to the likes of Lallana and Origi. Every player contributed to LFC lifting the trophy on the 23rd of July 2020 whilst sitting on 96 points, a fitting memory and tribute to the 96.

In signing off, I'd like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all readers, posters and contributors. It has been wonderful to get to know you all and interact with like-minded individuals who have the same passion for our beautiful club. I hope you all keep well and we continue to see our invincible team march on into the future as they haul more records and trophies.

For now the off season begins and so recharge those batteries and then, as always, we are Liverpool, this means more and WE GO AGAIN.



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