Manchester City vs Liverpool FC (English Champions) Live fans match thread!


Usually a trip to the Etihad is one that holds trepidation, nervousness and a sprinkling of excitement.  However on July 2nd the lads will enter the stadium with smiles beaming from ear to ear knowing that they have snatched the English Title out of the blue half of Manchester. Not only did we take it from them we did it in such a manner that they'll feel the pain of b*&@h slap for years to come.  Furthermore the former title buyers winners will have to perform a guard of honour for our elite squad and watch on as the glorious LFC lift that magnificent cup. Oh I do hope there's a play cam available and it's locked on to Sterling....

Sorry back to the match, City had to play in the FA Cup midweek whereas our lads have had a full seven days off so we should be more than rested. City will be without Foulandinho Fernandinho after what was described by Case as one of the most blatant hand balls since Maradona's against England (personally I think the English have altered the original footage to suit their narrative). Manchester City have also lost Aguero for the rest of the season due to injury. That's two key players out of the spine of their team, plus no doubt there will be some fatigue with the high number of matches after such a long break.

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As for the LFC squad I don't believe there to be any new injuries (Matip now confirmed out for the rest of the season, Milner and Shaqiri though are back in training) therefore no reason we wouldn't start with the same team that demolished Crystal Palace.

Alisson, Robertson, Van-Dijk, Gomez, Alexander-Arnold, Fabinho, Henderson, Wijnaldum, Mane, Firmino, Salah.

Jurgen's presser, scheduled for 1.30PM BST

So can the reigning champions beat the team we've just dethroned? No need for Jurgen to tinker in this one, let's field our best team and dish out a damn good thrashing. We want to show them who's boss and also we're in the hunt for that record points tally. Plus Salah wants another golden boot to add to his collection.

LiverBird scorecast: 0-4!


Prediction league
How many LFC corners? (5pts)
Final score? (5pts)
Will Salah score? (10 pts)
Will Mane score? (10pts)
Will Firmino score? (10pts)
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