Liverpool 1-1 Burnley: what went wrong?

Well that was frustrating to say the least and the difficulty post-match is in ranking our effort as either good and unlucky or simply not good enough. I'm going with the latter but in a way others may not agree with - I don't blame our players, I put the blame solely at Klopp's door.

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The tale of the tape can be simply expressed as follows. We had 9 shots on target, Burnley had 2. We had 71% possession to their 29% and the game finished a 1-1 draw. The only mitigating factor in our defence was Burnley's keeper Nick Pope who was immense. I'm going to discount that though because we also have an immense keeper and yet Burnley were able to convert 50% of their shots on target to our 11% conversion rate.

Therein lies the problem, we can't reliably convert enough of our chances into goals. That's been an issue on and off for a long time, through several transfer windows and is why I hold Klopp responsible, as he's failed to bring in players to fix things. We have one senior centre forward in Origi and he's clearly not good enough, telling that he remained on the bench yesterday.

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Further, it's been proven time and again we can't always bank on goals from out wide, nor through the middle with Firmino who goes on long barren spells in terms of finding the net. All these things are well known and should by now have been addressed. Whether that be via a striker upgrade or a midfielder who chips in with regular goals like Coutinho used to.

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For now we move on and refocus our efforts on the last three fixtures of this season, win them all and we break the record premier league points tally. That will be a big ask though in our current form, especially missing our skipper. We can do it though. Going forward into next season surely we need to finally fix this attacking predicament with at least one new signing if not more.

Will we do that? It's not sounding likely and in which case is the answer to be found by promoting from within. That seems the more probable scenario but is it acceptable to put our title defence hopes on the backs of unproven youngsters?

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