Arsenal vs Liverpool: Live fans match thread!

Up next for our league champions is Arsenal which should be fun. We struggled for goals last time out and fortunately Arsenal refuse to field a defence which should help us do better in this game. They are however fairly good in attack and we'll need to be wary of that.

The key to this fixture appears to be getting the balance right between all out shellacking and what is our lets be honest, slightly boring strategy of one goal should do it.

Team news

Pretty much unchanged from our last game. No Matip, No Milner, No Henderson. Will and should we field a mix of senior and younger players again? If we want to beat the league's points record all our remaining fixtures including this one are must win games.

Will Keita start. He was mostly rested versus Burnley and had been showing promising form beforehand although that has to be weighed against the hope he could manage to finish the season uninjured and perhaps even be able to start the next one. However unlikely that may be.

Then we have Origi, with us searching for goals will he be brought out to mince around the pitch doing nothing or remain happy as a pig in a poke keeping the bench company.

These and things like who and where the heck is Huawei and are it's beaches nice are the questions we ask ourselves but we'll have to tune in at kick off to find out. None of it really matters though because it's Arsenal who are utterly rubbish, haven't managed to beat us in the league since 2015 and won't be doing tomorrow.



Prediction League
How many goals will Liverpool score in the first half? (5pts)
How many goals will Liverpool score in the second half? (5pts)
How many goals will Liverpool score in total? (5 pts)
Get all three right for a bonus 10 pts!
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