A match for our Lady Liver Bird x

Tomorrow we take on Chelsea at Anfield and while Bev will have been watching over all our games this one marks a few things. It is sadly now the two year point since her passing and also at the finish of this match Sir Kenny Dalglish will be handing our Redmen their first ever Premier League Champions trophy - a fitting marker in time.

It has been a very long wait and I'm certain our lovely Lady has been working her magic up above to help us over the line. In this match win lose or draw matters not, it has already been an incredible season and I expect Bev is still dancing on the ceiling in celebration.

We miss her dearly and hope her family are keeping well. She will be partying hard up above, no doubt creating mischief and merriment as she goes. We shall do the same and so please use this as a normal thread/match thread which is what Bev would want.

God bless you our sweet Lady x YNWA x
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