Would The Real English Champions Please Stand Up, Please Stand Up

Well my fellow Red’s it’s been a long and patient wait, but what’s an extra few months on top of 30 friggin years, I would like to begin by quoting one of my fellow Nester's "and now you're gonna believe us!!!".  Before we look at the 19/20 post Coivd19 season let us just have a quick recap, Liverpool FC are sitting on top of the perch with a 25 point lead over their “closest” rival’s Manchester City (82 and 57 points respectively) although Manchester City do have a game in hand but we will look into that shortly.  Liverpool’s run before this untimely break was a bit patchy to say the least with 4 losses from our last 6 matches which stopped us from receiving the invincible tag, knocked us out of the F.A. Cup and took away our opportunity to defend the Champions of Europe title, ouch that was a bad few weeks.  Let’s hope this enforced break has brought some focus back to the players and coaching staff because some of the performances and decisions prior to the break were, well let’s say undesirable.

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Now that misery is behind us let’s look what we have ahead of us, on June 17th the last two games of match week 29 will be played with Aston Villa vs Sheffield United and Manchester City vs Arsenal.  Once these two mid-week matches are completed we head into match week 30 on 19th June, unfortunately I have been unable to access any confirmed fixtures so I do not know if the fixtures will kick off where they finished or there will be a different order to minimise the risk of Covid19.  Let’s just say the fixtures will just continue on as is at their corresponding venue’s for now.  Which would mean our first match back would be against Everton, talk about coming back with a bang. Edit: since writing this article it has been confirmed this will be or first match back.

All remaining 92 matches will be played on free-to-air T.V. with Amazon Prime, BBC, Sky Sports and BT sports to share the games.  Apparently the P.L. are trying to organise fixtures so that 2 games don’t kick-off at the same time allowing fans to view all remaining fixtures.  Oh my that’s a lot of football, so if any of you have any DIY to do around the house you better pull your finger out because you only have a few weekends left before tools down will be put into place.

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So with the Season 19/20 part 2 commencement covered let’s try and break down a few of the possible scenarios that may occur by the end of this memorable season:

First Scenario:
is the quickest and most efficient (something Jay use to call his love life).  Manchester City lose to Arsenal in their catch up match which would leave the points gap at 25 with all teams to play 9 more games giving a maximum of 27 points available.  All we would need to do is beat Everton and the title will be ours, how I hear you think?  Well even if Man City win as well (their next fixture was Burnley) it will keep the points difference at 25 but with only 8 games remaining there is only a maximum of 24 points available, therefore we could then lose all remaining games and take the title by 1 point.

Second Scenario:
Manchester City win their catch up game reducing the deficit to 22 points.  In this case all LFC have to do is win 2 of their last 9 games to clinch the title, huh? If we win M.W. (match week) 30 & 31 and so do Man City it will leave 7 games to play which equates to a maximum 21 points, so once again we will win the title by 1 point if we lost the remaining 7 games because Man City are 22 points behind.  This is in all honesty the most likely outcome, not necessarily winning the first two matches back but winning 2 of our remaining 9 games is what is needed to be crowned champions.

Third Scenario:
I didn’t want to say this (or type it) but there is one possibility that no one really wants to consider.  It is one that even Satin himself would have nightmares about.  Manchester City win all their remaining 10 matches to secure all 30 points and Liverpool go on and equal their record for consecutive defeats in English football (9, from 29th April 1899 to 14th October 1899).  Although in the Premier League our highest number of consecutive defeats is 4 and has only occurred twice in the past.  It is a dreaded thought but we are Liverpool FC fans and seen things like this “slip” (still too soon I know) away before.

All righty then, let's get back to reality and in all seriousness we will more than likely be crowned champions within the first 3 weeks back because in all honesty I can't see us losing our first 2 matches (Everton and Crystal Palace, again if the fixtures aren't moved around).  

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So as we draw nearer to the end of the season and considering the turbulent times we find ourselves in there is no better time to stop, take a breath and appreciate all that we hold near and dear to our hearts, and then put into practice what we all adhere to:

Dedicated to all those that were taken too soon from this worldY.N.W.A.
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