Liverpool v Crystal Palace - Live fans match thread! Plus a look back to what went wrong at Goodison

With the games coming thick and fast we've barely time to collect our thoughts before we're going again. Hopefully we'll put in a better showing at Anfield than at Goodison but was our previous match an acceptable performance?

The Kop decorated for our first match at Anfield after Coronavirus restart
The Kop decorated for the first match at Anfield after Coronavirus restart
Image credit: SpionKop1906

After our goalless derby draw Klopp commented: 'I liked the intensity, but we didn't have the rhythm'  That seems a fair(ish) assessment, we displayed plenty of endeavour but things didn't click. Finishing with 70% possession we must have been doing something right but just three shots on target which was equalled by Everton about sums it up - all show and no go. In fact Alisson played very well or we could have just as easily lost.

Our lack of potency, or rhythm if you like - which has subsequently been blamed on drinks breaks, thankfully not by us, was in my view not due to rustiness alone but also our line-up and namely our attack. No Robertson meant we were lacking fire power down the left and no Salah meant we were similarly crippled on the right. It's not Jurgen's fault if players aren't available but it can be fairly suggested he made a pig's ear of replacing them.

Keita made a rare start and was one of our better players so no problem there but Minamino didn't work out. Not through lack of effort but due to him being a different type of player to Salah we lost our fast runs in behind the opposing defence. Perhaps we could have played Origi who has more pace or perhaps Jurgen needs to start using other squad players. Or, maybe he has a cunning plan which in time will come to fruition. On the night though it didn't work and could need changing for this match.

There's a further question and it's a pressing and important one: do we have the squad we need to compete for the title again next season? On the strength of our last performance the answer's a resounding no. This topic has been discussed a fair bit at the Nest and the general consensus seems to be we're still behind City in squad depth. I would say we lack high quality cover on the wings, at fullback, as well as arguably second choice keeper and a decent striker.

A consideration which goes hand in hand is have we got ourselves into a bit of a player pickle. One where we're stuck with crocked players such as Keita, Ox, Matip and Gomez, overstocked in some positions such as attacking midfield, short in others as per above and lacking the level of trust to use younger players such as Neco Williams, Curtis Jones and Harvey Elliott who could help cover where we're short, or free up others to. It seems like the whole thing is messy and therefore not as simple to resolve as it could be.

However for now the most pressing concern is beating Palace. Doing so would mean we'd then need to beat draw (thanks Red;) with City at the Etihad to win the league. What team might we field to get the win over Palace? With Jurgen suggesting the likely return of both Salah and Robertson, I assume our line-up will be a more familiar looking one along the lines of:

Alisson, Robertson, Van-Dijk, Gomez, Alexander Arnold, Henderson, Fabinho, Wijnaldum, Mane, Firmino, Salah.

There seems to be an emphasis on slowly easing players back so there may be some jiggery pokery again and a full ninety isn't guaranteed for anyone. I expect us to be far better at Anfield though and give Palace a right good spanking.

We need to get back to winning ways not only for the title but I'm hopeful we'll finish on a great points tally. There are still 24 points left on the table which should we take them yields a total of 107. The all time highest premier league total is 100 by City in 2018. Time we take that mantle off of them.

To be sure of taking the record we need another 18 points/six wins, from our remaining eight games: Palace (H), City (A), Villa (H), Brighton (A), Burnley (H), Arsenal (A), Chelsea (H) Newcastle (A).

Let's win 'em all, starting tomorrow.

Kloppo's presser scheduled for 1.30PM BST

Liverbird's scorecast for this one: 4-0!


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