Liverpool v Crystal Palace: The good, the good, & the good.


What a way to announce ourselves back at Anfield with a 4-0 domination of Crystal Palace. From the very first whistle you could see the hunger in our players had returned as the intensity and pressing was something to behold. Was this due to the return of Salah and Robbo or was it foreseen by Jurgen all along as he slowly brought us back to full strength. It doesn't matter, the Liverpool of old were back and it was a thing of beauty.

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Every player did their job and then some. Yes there were still one or two rusty moments but overall the work rate was astonishing and our teamwork second to none. If by some miracle a Palace player got past one of ours, there were two or more others ready to pounce, and pounce they did.

I'll keep it short and sweet and just point out some of the highlights (there were a few):
Goal of the night to the FABulous Fabinho with a 300 30 yard thundering shot that made it look like their keeper was stuck in cement. Players and staff from both teams could do nothing but pick their jaws off the floor as the net struggled to keep the ball from breaking through. Did Fab’s stop at this thunder bolt? Nope, he also supplied one of the best passes of the game to add an assist to his name.

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We scored four and it could have been more but I also want to credit Gomez who played brilliantly. He had Ayew in his pocket for the entire match. Gomez was invincible across the back-line, so much so, Van Dijk didn’t have all that much to do.

Klopp later brought on a couple of youngsters in Neco and Elliott (don’t worry Jones your time will soon come). Some lovely one twos were played by both players. We've seen Elliott has what it takes but tonight Neco showed us he's hot on his heels. The commentator said it would be a while before Neco will make much headway into the first team because of TAA.

For me Neco has a good chance to get some minutes next season especially against the lower league teams as Trent can be utilised in the midfield ever so easily. Neco read the game well, tackled superbly, and could have had an assist late on if Salah had finished an easy one on one.

As for our fearless manager, he got this game spot on. His tactics and subs were on the money in every sense. Started as strong a line-up as possible then gave the young lads enough minutes without it being too dangerous or a token gesture.

We now hold our breath to see if Chelsea will continue their resurgence and put Manchester City to the sword, securing us the league and a guard of honour at the Etihad (oh you can see the joy in the face of City’s players, especially Sterling's). Or, will we have to wait till next Thursday where we'd have to grind out a draw to claim the title. Haha! as if we would grind out a draw, we will go there and swipe those silver chips off their shoulders with a damn good shellacking.

Tonight's was a great game to enjoy with great people. Well in lads and on to the next one.........
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