Everton v Liverpool - Live fans match thread!

It's been a harrowing few months and I'd like to express appreciation for how lucky we are in staying safe and well which I hope has been the case for all our Red friends.

Both Joe and Funkdoc contracted Covid19 but are thankfully making good recoveries. Across the planet many have been less fortunate and the tragic loss of life has provided some perspective as to what's important to us, namely family and friends and them keeping good health.

Football may be seen as unimportant by some and in the bigger picture perhaps it is, however it instils a sense of togetherness and will help boost morale which can only be a good thing in present times. Additionally, it generates jobs for way more than just the players and pitch-side staff. Behind the scenes there are people who have worked for their city's clubs for several generations over. All will be pleased to get going again and hopefully the lower league's clubs and all connected to them are able to soon find their way out of this too.

A special mention on that note to Tranmere who I hope are able to navigate a path through the difficult financial situation they've been placed in through no fault of their own.

Countless lives are intertwined with football and the camaraderie and shared ups and downs which go with it, result in a kind of extended family which many of us love as much as the game itself. Football is unquestionably good for the economy, communities, and good for people's well being and it's absolutely right to be back on our screens. Bringing joy and opportunity to many it's one of the best sports in the world and if you're lucky enough to be a part of the Liverpool family - the best club in the world, then when times are tough, you will never walk alone.

Now it is time to go again and with our never waning belief, let's get back with a boom to some good old fashioned league winning. Best wishes to one and all along the way.

First game back we travel to Goodison. Not much to say about the neighbours as we already know the crux of it: we're better, they're bitter. BUT, anything can happen in a derby game, particularly the Merseyside derby. Everton will be just as keen to get off to a good (re)start as we are and desperate to win. They'll want some ammo for when we've won the league and are gently reminding them of it.

Our job is to put at least four past them although Red reckons it'll be five like last time and we're all down with that. We have the same ref, Mike Dean and that's royally annoyed Everton fans before the game has even started. Of course it has, they get angry at everything bless them and it will be fun to watch their fan cam reactions during the game. And ours, as they'll be the best fan cam reactions,

.....in the world. No nudity though please Jay ;)

They are telling us if we're selected for a fan cam right? Not just randomly activating our webcams.

Team wise I'm expecting something along the lines of: Mignolet, Robbo, Virgil, Joe, Trent, Hendo, Fabinho...... Naby (yes! that's not a typo) Salah, Aaaaaa Mane Mane, and Bobby Firminiooooo ♫

Only notable injury is The Ox who picked up a knock in a training game against Blackburn. He may well be passed fit however and I just read a post from Romper quoting Klopp as saying nobody is ruled out for Sunday, although Salah missed some training this week which is a concern.

Expect the gaffa to provide the latest info in his press conference below which is scheduled for 13.30 GMT today.

This is it then folks, with City breathing down our necks the pressure is on. We need six more points to secure the title, can we do it?

You bet we can and we'll do it in a style befitting of our amazing club. No easing off the gas, lets dish out some right good shellacking's.

After thirty long years we're very lucky to be witnessing something so special. The grounds may be empty but we'll sing louder and prouder than ever - giving a voice to those effected by this pandemic and all who are watching on with us in spirit, dearly missed but never forgotten x YNWA x


LiverBird's Scorecast: Four Five nil!

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