Defensive dilemma for Liverpool - offer made for Koulibaly?

Following recent news that we're keen to sign 28 year old, Senegalese centre back Kalidou Koulibaly, today brings a fresh report claiming we've made an offer to his current club Napoli. No way of knowing how accurate this is but we can consider the possibilities surrounding any such signing.

To me there are several key areas, as follows:

Do we need a new centre back?

Yes. We do.

Okay guess that needs some fleshing out, just my take and be interesting to see if you good folk agree. Lovren's not up to the standards we aspire to. I don't believe he's as bad as is sometimes portrayed and he can string a few decent matches together but inevitably the brain farts creep in and they can cost us badly.

At thirty years old Lovren's not on an upward trajectory and so it makes sense we look to replace him. Both Matip and Gomez appear fairly injury prone which also suggests a new CB signing makes sense.

Do we need to sign a new player or can we promote from within?

Although we have Tom Clayton (19), Morgan Boyes (19), Billy Koumetio (17) and Sepp van den Berg (18), to the best of my knowledge none of these CB's are close to making the step up even to senior team bench duties. Also out on loan with Kidderminster is Rhys Williams (19).

Rhys Williams, a product of our academy, having been with LFC since U10 level has impressed on his loan spell which was extended in January till the end of the season. Of course a few months later the season came to a grinding halt due to Covid19 and the National League North may well end up being abandoned altogether. Nevertheless Williams is highly thought of and looks set to become a star of the future. He's been compared in style to Virgil Van Dijk and played for England at youth level, as well as having won the FA Youth Cup.

Not bad going and he may be back with us earlier than planned but it seems a stretch to imagine him jumping straight to first team action. My guess is another loan spell is more likely on the cards. Overall, in my view we're a little way off being able to promote from within.

Could a new signing be detrimental to our existing centre backs?

If it's Koulibaly it could. You'd expect a player with such an existing stature in the game to command a pretty regular starting berth and no matter which way you frame it, I can't see how that'd be good news for either Gomez or Matip. They would get less games as a result. Mind you as Jay always used to say show us your baps! it's all about the win and from that point of view Koulibaly makes us better.

But isn't it vital a team's centre backs form a regular pairing so as to excel as a unit?

Hopefully someone will answer this in the comments.

If we are to sign a new centre back should it be Koulibaly?

My initial feeling is yes. We already have Gomez 23 and Matip 28, as well as a stack of younger players looking to follow in their footsteps. I can't see the logic of signing someone in say their mid twenties as that would really be competing directly with Gomez and potentially blocking his path.

Both Joe and Joel are also established very high level players, no point going back down the ladder toward Lovren's level and so the sensible thing if we're bringing in another defender is to take a step up a rung to elite level beast mode - that's Koulibaly.

It would be somewhat of a break from tradition as we don't normally go straight to signing worldies although in recent times FSG and Klopp have shown they will push the boat out for high quality players such as Alisson and Van Dijk. Then again Coronavirus has seen our revenues fall off a cliff.

If we can find the money is Koulibaly a signing you'd like to see us make and ultimately, taking the above factors into account, would he improve us enough to merit such a transfer?
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