30 years later and we're back on our Perch - WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!

Thirty years in the making and not even a worldwide pandemic could stop us.  Since our last title many players have come and gone as well as managers, some were great and some not so but all have made this club what it is.  A club to be proud of with great character, heart and history from the ladies in the tea room to the owners to the grounds persons all the way through to its fans.  Some of us have lived through the greatness of the 70’s and 80’s and others have relived it through the memories and stories told by those that were lucky enough witness the iconic teams of yesteryear. The club is drenched in history but last night these group of individuals that have bonded as a team under the tutelage of Klopp are writing their own history. 

Before I look at one or two special individuals I feel that FSG should be mentioned because if it was not for these people there may not have been a LFC any more.  This company bought us when we were at the lowest of the lowest and had to learn some lessons the hard-way but what they have done in such a short time is something of a miracle. They didn't go for the quick fix and throw money at a fading club but instead resurrected it with solid foundations that will last for decades to come.

We have a captain that was underestimated by all from fans, pundits and the media but not from those within the club who knew he was the right person to step up and take the responsibility as a club legend handed the baton over. Jordan Henderson not only took the responsibility of club at one of its lowest point in the past 50 years and with the help of those around him lifted the club and the City of Liverpool back up on the perch where they belong.  From being knocked in the media to getting knocks on the field and even hardships in his personal life, Jordan has remained strong and proud to be the face of LFC and has done nothing but provide every fan hope and eventual titles we all desired.

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The manager has also given the opportunity for a local lad to live out the dreams every Scouser has from the moment they can walk, to play for LFC and lift not only the Champions League Cup but the golden ticket, the English Premier League. Trent Alexander-Arnold at the age of 21 can be placed in to one of the best fullbacks in the world and must have to pinch himself every day to know his current situation is not a dream but reality. This lad shows passion, determination and love for a club that we have all fallen in love with.  With so many more years left in his career there is no doubt he will provide us with many more memorable moments such as the semi-finals against Barcelona and his free kick prowess demonstrated against Crystal Palace.

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We could keep going on about how great of a squad we have and how Klopp has evolved the club from 10th spot to being triple Crowned CHAMPIONS (English, European and World), whilst breaking plenty of records and more still to break. Instead here are some snap shots of the emotion of the fans on the Nest (sorry if I missed any, there were so many to and all comments were wonderful to read), but first I wish to make an honorary mention to the Nests very own superhero pet Scratch who has supplied many of lucky relief's.

So as we move forward with hope in heart I think Tigger said it the best as we should give a little wink to that special lady who we all adored our very own Ladybird, this one is for you too Bev.


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