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So many greats have walked through the passageways and tunnels at Anfield, Sir Kenny Dalglish, Steven Gerrard, John Barnes and.... Mignolet (addition by Case) well the list goes on. Recently though we took a look at another group of players - players who served our club with passion and pride but never quite got the recognition they deserved like Mr Lovable, Dirk Kuyt. In this article we will visit the opposite end of the spectrum: players who donned the red shirt and made us wince and look away with a foul taste in our mouths, you know like when Jay used to visit (Jay if you are looking in hope you're keeping safe and stocked up that basement cause who knows when you'll be allowed out again).

Goal Keeper

Well in modern day football when you think of LFC goal keeper clangers you go straight to Loris Karius and the Champions League final where he literally threw the game away, but wait! that was due to his very serious concussion. Fortunately that was the only time Karius was left red faced During his short time at LFC there were many games that left you thinking how, how the hell is the ball in the back of our net. With the likes of Doni, Bogdan and Brad Jones preceding his arrival was Karius our worst keeper though? All failed to make an impact in a positive way to allow them to cement their position as our #1. For me top spot has to go to Karius, where the other keepers failed to become our #1, none of them really cost us that much pain. Yes Karius in general terms must be the better keeper to become our number one, but he did also cost us the most and for that he's my pick.

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LFC have employed some very suspect Left Backs over the years Andrew Robertson many of which I had no idea even played for us until I did some research. Torben Piechnik would give Can a run for his money in the hair styling department but apparently the Danish LB arrived at Liverpool as a Euro 92 winner and then never really hit the ground. Well that's somewhat of a lie, he did hit the ground but with an almighty thud. Then you have the likes of Andrea Dossena who was evaded by any consistent form in an LFC shirt and was riddled with too many errors leading to goals although Dossena does get bonus points for scoring against both ManU and Real Madrid.

Now don't forget our little Spanish wizard Alberto Moreno who like Karius cost us a possible cup, this time in the Europa League against his former side. Although Moreno was suspect when it came to defending his attacking was half decent and he probably would have made a better winger than a LB. With such a wide selection the number one spot has to go to Paul Konchesky, what was the club thinking here? but then again it was the Roy Hodgson era so it's hardly surprising.

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I found my centre back pairing to be a little more challenging as most of our CB's over the years have made colossal errors (even Jamie C with his perpetual own goals) but in the end I've chosen Danny Wilson and Lovren. Wilson made only 9 appearances between 2010-13, the young Scottish lad arriving from Rangers with a suitcase full of junior/young player trophies and accolades which meant didly squat once he tried to make his path in the EPL. Soon shipped back to Scotland where he played for Hearts who during his time there promptly got relegated.

Dejan Lovren was brought in to be our number one man, to shore up our defensive fragility. Unfortunately the complete opposite occurred, he mainly offers suspect decisions and provides all his team mates with apprehension and an all round cause for concern. Lovren has been the cause of some big games slipping through our fingers in recent years but he is good mates with Salah so he's worth keeping around the club (just not on match days) if it keeps Mo happy.

Right back has given us several good but inconsistent players over the years, with the likes of Carragher and #BlameGlenJohnson who on their day were up there with the best but at other times could also be down there with the worst. Then there's players like Jon Flanagan, who may have lacked finesse but more than made up for it in heart and because of that doesn't make my worst list.  That honour goes to Philipp Degan who really set the bench mark for Sturridge in how to be injured but unlike Sturridge, when Degan managed to get on the pitch he really shouldn't have because it usually ended in him being sent off or making some calamitous mistake.

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Well this is one area of the park we have had some stinkers over the years and during my research, I came across an excerpt from Craig Bellamy's book on Charlie Adam when he saw him on their first day of training;

       "He wasn't the brightest but then footballers rarely are........ Charlie is a true Scot and he loves his beer. It's all he ever talks about....... He was a fat b@$^*#d too, Charlie and he could eat for Scotland... The first day of training and Charlie had a 'mare. He couldn't control the ball to save his life, couldn't get his breath and kept falling over while trying to run with the ball... "Who's this C#@t" one respected player said to me. "I can't believe we've signed this useless C@#t" said another. While one of the clubs Iconic players said to me "I'd played against him last season and I knew he was shite, you're gonna need to step it up this season, Craig cos this c@#t's wank".

That's just one of the many poor players who've tried to control the middle of Anfield, and failed, you can add the following players for far more reasons than I can list: Assaidi, Poulsen, Aquilani, Downing, Lallana, the list just keeps on going. To narrow it down a bit the midfield I've chosen are Lazar Markovic, Aquilani and Joe Cole. Although there are a few players who showed far worse skill levels like Jay Spearing (pictured above middle - Konchesky right) but once again he misses out here because you knew no matter how bad he looked on the pitch he was giving 100% and that was the best he could be. Other players I've listed you felt always had more in their tanks and just didn't give a flying fish as long as they got their pay check.

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Oh my haven't there been a few that stunk up Anfield and stained our club in ways they never should have. Before I go listing them, the number one on this list is going to be El-Hadji Diouf. I don't care what he did or didn't do in an LFC shirt (not much as far as I recall) it's for his attitude and comments toward our club since his departure - for that he goes straight to the top of my list.

Now we move on to players that showed great promise at other clubs but when they put the red shirt on it seemed to bring their confidence and skill level down to that of a pub league and that's being generous in the case of Milan Jovanovic. With so many to choose from my third player was a tough decision but I eventually went with Maria Mario "I'm King Dingaling" Balotelli. Now an argument could be made Balotelli was destined to fail under Rodgers. A player that was never wanted by the manager (similar to Robbie Keane) and always played out of position but still the lad had so much skill it was a huge disappointment to see what he produced in an LFC shirt.

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Like most things this comes down to personal opinion and by no means are these the worst of the worst in many fans eyes. Like I said about Balotelli some were never going to succeed at Liverpool because the manager wouldn't play them in their preferred/most beneficial positions. For me though if a player is that good to be earning more in a week than most do in a year they should be able to adapt to almost any position on the field. I don't expect them to be the best in every role but I also don't want to see such a drop in form and that's a factor which brought my team selection together.

Who makes your worst LFC XI? Head to build-a-line-up to pick your most shudder inducing side!

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