Liverpool strength and depth check - centre backs

Morning all, hope everyone is keeping well and taking care. Difficult times which have put football firmly in the shade but nevertheless I am pleased to bring you the eagerly anticipated second part in our strength and depth series. In this instalment we'll be taking a look at our centre backs and there will be extra points for anyone who can crack the code.......


Current senior centre backs in our squad (in my personal order of merit) Virgil van Dijk, Joe Gomez, Joel Matip and Dejan Lovren.

Junior centre backs in no particular order: Sepp van den Berg(18), Billy Koumetio(17), Tom Clayton(19), Morgan Boyes(18), James Norris(16).

With none of the younger lads having made a single EPL appearance for us, I think we can rule them out of the discussion. Most played one or two domestic cup games in our senior side, impressing to varying levels but finishing this season (hopefully) and going into the next one, I don't see any of them suddenly becoming an option as part of our senior squad.

In strength and depth terms then we have to consider if the above four of Virg, Joe, Joel and Dejan are fantastic enough. Let's quickly agree that they're not?

Van Dijk can stay he seems pretty decent, so too can Gomez - although he has shown in our more recent games that he's not infallible, he is young and paired with VVD has a great teacher to learn and improve from. Personally I'm happy with that as our first choice pairing.

If one of those two are unavailable are Matip and Lovren good enough backups? Both are somewhat injury prone, Matip especially which in my view should never be flipped into any kind of positive along the lines of 'well that's okay because knowing he's frail he'll be content to be on the bench most of the time' no no no no no no no! we don't want injury prone players period and he is one so get shot.

That just leaves Lovren and although he's simply not as good a player as we ideally want, I think he'll stay another season. He's obviously popular in the dressing room, is more reliably fit and available than Matip and at thirty years old has a wealth of experience. Also at that age he will probably be happy to see out his main playing days winning trophies with us before leaving at the end of next season on a free to a smaller club of his choosing somewhere in the sun.

No room for sentimentally and softness in this game though and so my view is we should ship Lovren out the second the window opens. Then with him and Matip both gone sign an up and coming worldie to compete with Gomez and be of a level to adequately stand in when dog forbid VVD gets injured. Perhaps one more CB signing to make four, or continue to use Henderson/Fabinho/Milner on the odd occasion until one of our youngsters is ready to step up. What do you think peoples?

Please leave your comments agreeing with me below and as I know LFC's scouting team are avid Nest readers always grateful for our pearls of wisdom, I'm including a helpful video about defence.

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