LFC transfer face off: Sancho vs Timo..... and maybe someone else pips them both.

G'day mates, hope you're all enjoying a few shrimps on the barbie (at home) and Happy Easter to all. I thought we could pass some time by taking a look at two of the hottest transfer rumours.

Perhaps no other positions excite as much as attackers and the rumour mill has remained rife with talk of Timo and today Sancho is back under discussion - both regularly tipped to join the Reds.

The likelihood of either transfer happening is a known unknown which we know we don't know but what we can be sure of is our opinions on which one is best and who we'd rather sign. So let's take a look at their particulars and see if we can form a conclusion.

Timo Werner: German, age 24, Height 1.81M, Main position CF can also play LW, Right footed. Estimated market value: £75M.

19/20 season stats: 36 appearances, 27 goals (5 from pens), 12 assists, minutes per goal: 105.

Werner is strong, fast and clinical. At home out wide, mainly on the left (takes up similar positions to Mane) but also effective on the right or through the centre. I think he'd work brilliantly for us because increasingly he's become better at creating space for other players and links up very well indeed.

The above results in goals which often look easy but actually have been created by brilliant movement between Werner and the other Leipzig attackers. I'm certain he'd do the same in a Liverpool shirt. Timo's also a clever player who takes up positions between the lines and I think Klopp would relish the opportunity to work with him and help him become an even better player.

Jadon Sancho: English, age 20, Height 1.80M, Main position RW can also play LW, Right footed. Estimated market value: £100M.

19/20 season stats: 35 appearances, 17 goals (none from pens), 19 assists, minutes per goal: 164.

Fast, lightening fast, superb close control and trickery. Doesn't match Werner in physical stature but doesn't need to, with a few silky touches and then igniting the afterburners he takes entire defences out of the game in the blink of an eye. What's impressive is he remains calm enough while doing so to read the game and play in team mates. Something both players excel at but in my view Timo is the better striker and Sancho the better goal creator. Sancho has years and years of further improvement ahead of him and I'm sure Klopp would love to help him along that path.

Which is the better signing for us?

On the one hand I feel what we most lack is an out and out quality centre forward. Firmino is a superb player whom we'd not change for all the tea in China but he does sometimes go through long spells without his shooting boots and that has seen us struggle to get over the line. Too many games this season we've won by a solitary goal and trying to hang on to one nil leads is probably too much pressure - eventually something will give. This might favour a Timo signing.

On the other hand with teams parking buses against us for the majority of games we also struggle to find a route to goal. In recent matches we've perhaps become a little too predictable in that almost all our attacks come via TAA and Robbo. In both Salah and Mane we do have players who can use pace and trickery to cut inside but neither are at the level Sancho is and if we signed him it may allow Mo and Mane to play more centrally. This could favour a Sancho signing.

To help decide between the two we can further consider how and where each of them would fit into our existing team. With Werner it seems fairly straightforward - Bobby moves from a nine to a ten and we have a front three of Mane, Mo and Timo. With Sancho however it's less clear because his main positions (RW/LW) are exactly the same as two of our current front three.

There's always the possibility that we may sell one of our terrific trio and if for example Salah left us then I think no question Sancho would be a superb replacement. If things remain as they are though then much as I favour Sancho individually - I'm a sucker for fancy footwork and dribbling skill, I believe Werner more easily fits into our side and probably improves it more.

As a brucie bonus, perhaps our transfer department will surprise us all with an off the radar move for someone like......

Serge Gnabry: German, age 24, Height 1.75M, Main positions RW CF can also play LW, Right footed. Estimated value of £65M.

19/20 season stats: 33 appearances, 18 goals (none from pens), and 11 assists. Minutes per goal: 132.

Strong, fast, lightening fast, links up at present superbly with Coutinho - always looking for through balls, could he do the same with Firmino as a 10? Probably. Great footwork, great skill, reads the game well, explosive turn of speed from a standing start - takes him past the opposition in the blink of an eye and has his own eye focused on goal. Almost a blend of all the best bits of Timo and Sancho and at a better value for money price.

What do you think all could Gnabry actually be a better fit than the two above or do you favour one of either Timo or Sancho. While you ponder I'll just leave this video which will whet our appetites even further for the long stay holiday trip to Romper's :o)

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