LFC to furlough some non playing staff, and should be commended(?)

As people will now be aware LFC intend to use the UK government's furlough scheme to retain some non playing staff and are voluntarily topping up the 20% of employee's wages it doesn't cover.

To me this is a commendable action: when possibly millions across the planet are losing their jobs and businesses, FSG and LFC are taking steps to ensure all their staff keep their's and those not needed at present are now able to stay safely at home with less exposure to the C19 risk. Earning full pay while they do so.

Some fans are up in arms about this action and LFC being pilloried for reasons I cannot understand. People are suggesting that FSG have somehow deviated from our Club's values and for some weird reason which seems something to do with capitalism versus socialism should have covered 100% of the wages themselves.

My opinion is that is quite incredible. Liverpool have done literally not a single solitary thing wrong. In fact they're picking up 20% of a wage bill they don't have to and the majority of companies have not done similar.

All this talk of socialism and capitalism is flimflam needlessly, perhaps even purposefully, muddying the waters and people should try to resist lapping it all up. Instead some are actually talking like they may stop supporting Liverpool. Over a perfectly reasonable thing FSG have done? Crazy.

Are our club's owners even allowed to pay wages from their own pockets? Pretty sure the UK government have said owners are not to do that but let's not let facts get in the way of fiction.

It's unbelievable how few people seem capable of independent, critical and rational thought. FSG and LFC are facing a massive economic downturn and it would be ridiculous and wholly irresponsible of them not to continue to follow best business practice. The same they have followed which has restored our club to greatness, while by the way maintaining our ethos and spirit. I think they are due some respect but instead people are jumping on a totally unjustified bandwagon.

All of that said I'm open to counter views so let's hear 'em.
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