Watford 3-0 Liverpool | Liver Bird's post-match view

Well that was a load of old phooey. Typical of us when our first league defeat came to turn it all the way up to bloomin eleven - three goals against and to be honest it very easily could have been more.

Watford played a great game, especially after losing star player Deulofeu (scans now confirming he suffered an ACL injury). Possibly that incident weighed on Virgil Van Dijk's mind as though not at fault in any way he appeared visibly unsettled and with much concern for Deulofeu. On that point I know we all wish Watford's player the best in what will sadly be a lengthy recovery period.

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Our opposition's great play duly noted we have to look at ourselves and acknowledge we were absolutely abysmal. If I were to rate our players individually they could all have a three and thank themselves lucky I was feeling generous. It's a team game though so let's look at the wider picture.

Do we have some potential problems? As mentioned by Tepple and others on our match thread, yesterday's loss was probably on the cards after what had become a period of sustained poor form. A loss to Atletico and we'd been hardly convincing in our other recent matches. What's going on?

Well the first issue in my view is our front three have never hit top gear this season, not all at once and of late they've really gone off the boil.

Issue number two: We miss our Captain and don't appear to have adequate cover for when he's unavailable to play.

Issue three: Our defence is still not strong enough in depth. This has been an ongoing debate but with a combination of players who are either injury prone (Matip) or simply not good enough (Lovern), the law of averages dictates we're going to continue to come unstuck during parts of a season.

Issue four: We lack creativity in midfield. Even with Henderson fit and playing, the bulk of our attack comes out wide from our fullbacks. When the opposition are able to nullify that threat we're all but out of ideas. Also if our wide players are having an off day the same situation results.

Expanding on that last point, have teams figured us out and is it time for a shake up in tactics and style of play. If so what should that look like? Keita is maybe the answer IF he can ever stay fit.

On a finishing note, although yesterday was a downer and raised a few questions which are fair game for discussion, we need not dwell on it too much as when we thrash Chelsea and return to winning ways it'll fade, until we see it as only a tiny blip in the road of a truly amazing season. YNWA

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