Liverpool strength and depth check - goalkeepers

Howdy partners, hope everyone is keeping well. Some good news at least that the season looks set to be completed. With the current lull in the action however, I thought maybe we could work our way through our squad and see if we agree on where it needs improving. First up, goalkeepers.

As I know we've all been doing, several times a day, alas standing in front of the mirror repeating the line Mignolet, Mignolet, Mignolet, Mignolet, Mignolet does not seem to be working and I fear he may never return. On that basis we're stuck with Alisson as our first choice keeper and we all agree he's just about passable. It comes down to second choice then and that is where things are less clear.

The above video shows there are worse keepers than Adrian, in fact some are dizzyingly bad but nevertheless second choice LFC goal keeper is an important role and merits a goalie of a certain standard. Of late we'd probably all agree Adrian has been more than a little below it.

Below Adrian, next in line is Kelleher who hasn't looked too swell but at just 21 years old is probably too young to fairly be judged, or relied upon. Then we have Lonergan who at 36 years old is probably too old to be considered a solid second choice keeper of the future.

Is Adrian good enough? My view is no. He has been quite good for us at times but I think we've seen enough now to say he's not of a consistently high enough standard for the longer term. He's also pushing on a bit in years and I think what we probably need is an up and coming player who's a little further along the road than Kelleher but still with plenty of level improving years ahead of him.

What do you think all, should Adrian stay or go, is Kelleher good enough to become our second choice or do we need to sign someone new?
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