Liverpool exit FA Cup early again | What went wrong?

Well that shot the fox, beaten two nil by one of our least favourite teams and out the Cup early once again. Although through gritted teeth we have to say Chelsea played well and were deserved winners. If anything we got off lightly but why were we so poor and more importantly is it acceptable?

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Last night's defeat makes it five seasons on the trot we've failed to reach the later stages of the FA Cup (by later stages I mean quarter finals). In fact in the last fourteen seasons we've only made those later stages twice and you have to go back fifteen seasons to 05/06 to find the last time we won it.

I'm going to give my conclusion right away - no that's not acceptable and nor was last night's loss. Before the game I felt we put out a strong enough side. Seeing Chelsea play nearly a full eleven of senior players though - something which was predictable, I've changed my mind and am now disappointed we didn't do the same. As LBN commenter of old Jay would say: it's all about the win.

Our youth players may have got us to the fifth round but what purpose does it serve to then have them unceremoniously dumped out of the tournament. A much better plan would have been to reward their efforts by going on to win it. That said with a smattering of senior players on the pitch last night the team selection wasn't awful. Those senior players played awfully that was the problem.

Lallana, sorry but he's simply not good enough. Smashing fellow but not at the level we require. Origi, the same (?). So now that's addressed, what else went wrong? Poor attitude, poor work rate, lackadaisical lazy attitude, no pressing, no heart, no desire. And that's just from Jurgen on the sidelines, no wonder then it emanated out on to the pitch and was how we played the game.

We miss Henderson.

Okay bit of a rant and it's hardly all doom and gloom, we're winning the league by a country mile and have picked up some other trophies along the way but it's really disappointing for such an excellent season to just fizzle out. Surely with a massive lead in the league we could have gone all out last night to keep ourselves in the FA Cup hunt. With a similarly lacklustre effort the last few seasons, I'm of the view Jurgen/our Club simply aren't fussed about the FA Cup. Should they be? I think so yes.

As long as we beat Atletico and stay in the Champions League, last night will quickly fade from memory. In the meantime however lets have ourselves a good old fashioned poll.

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