Liverpool 2-3 Atletico (Agg 2-4) | The good, the bad & the Simeone

Good morning, evening, afternoon all. Not going to be the most fun post-match article I'm afraid but it will contain a healthy dose of thirty year wait being over context. Unfortunately last night we were unceremoniously dumped out of the Champions League in a game we really ought to have won. The question is, why didn't we? There were a few talking points so let's take a look.

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The good

71% possession, 34 shots 11 on target and 16 corners. That's pretty good and just as the stats suggest those who watched the match will confirm: we did more than enough to have comfortably won the game. With the amount of chances we created we could have been out of sight by the end of the first half and by the end of the second already at home for tea and biscuits.

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The bad

71% possession, 34 shots 11 on target, 16 corners and yet we managed just one goal within normal time. That's pretty bad.

Adrian's goal keeping, that too was pretty bad but for me not as horrendous as others feel. He made an error for Ateltico's first but like all players goal keepers make mistakes, even Alisson. After his error AM played a nice bit of football culminating in a well taken goal. Their second goal I blame on our outfield players who completely switched off and more or less allowed them a free shot which again was a well placed one.

No doubting Alisson would have been better last night. Probably enough for us to have won and it's bad luck he wasn't available. I'm not throwing Adrian under the bus however as in my opinion he wasn't the biggest cause of our loss. That was our failure to convert more chances into goals.

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The Simeone

It might be harsh to make the inference that Simeone plays ugly football. It's effective to a point (I don't believe it will take Atletico all the way to becoming this season's champions league winners). With the players he has there was probably little choice because trying to play an open and expansive game against us at Anfield would not have gone well. However he's always had his teams play that way and no matter what quality of players he has at his disposal he always will. For that reason I'm going to agree with Jurgen in suggesting Simeone is stinking up world football.

The summary

Can't win 'em all but there's still so much for us to be happy about. As well as winning the Super Cup and Club World Cup we have so very nearly now managed to end a thirty year wait since we last won the league. I was trying to think how to underline the magnitude of that three decade long wait and will finish on that note.

First a few considerations: Arguably we've somewhat struggled in an attacking sense all season and with last night's frustrating lack of chances being converted to goals do we need a new striker this summer? Do we also need to add in midfield the creativity which Keita's injuries seem destined to stop him providing for us? And lastly though Adrian has also had some very good games for us, do we need a better second choice keeper?

Those questions aside let's be downhearted about last night just as we should be but also we can bring back into focus just what an accomplishment our lads are delivering this season and look forward to our beautiful Red train rolling on toward the trophy we really want. Next stop, Goodison.


The 90's - we all went raving mad and in the football:

1989/90 D1 - 1st
1990/91 D1 - 2nd
1991992 D1 - 6th
1992/93 PL - 6th
1993/94 PL - 8th
1994/95 PL - 4th
1995/96 PL - 3rd
1996/97 PL - 4th
1997/98 PL - 3rd
1998/99 PL - 7th

The noughties - we worried about a bug which never came, spent too much money on a dome and in the football:

1999/2000 PL - 4th
2000/01 PL - 3rd
2001/02 PL - 2nd
2002/03 Pl - 5th
2003/04 PL - 4th
2004/05 PL - 5th
2005/06 PL - 3rd
2006/07 PL - 3rd
2007/08 PL - 4th
2008/09 PL - 2nd

Next decade brings royal weddings, planking, Gangnam Style and thankfully the world not ending in 2012. And in football?.....

2009/10 PL - 7th
2010/11 PL - 6th
2011/12 PL - 8th
2012/13 PL - 7th
2013/14 PL - 2nd
2014/15 PL - 6th
2015/16 PL - 8th
2016/17 PL - 4th
2017/18 PL - 4th
2018/19 PL - 2nd

Another decade's worth of seasons have rolled round and sadly a bug has become all to real. On the football front though I hear you ask? - well, now you're gonna believe us ;-)

2019/20 PL................ (Please dog, don't let it get fished up)
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